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WaterCourse - Denver, Colorado(For an updated review of WaterCourse, check out this more recent post.)

Despite the gloomy clouds and light drizzle hovering in the Denver skies, WaterCourse Foods was quite busy for a late weekday afternoon when I visited.  The clean and well- designed restaurant was teeming with families and friends sitting around tables or at the bar.  My husband and I braved the great outdoors on their patio and pored through their extensive menu.  With a glance at their bakery counter on the way and a flip through the menu, I could understand their popularity.

The vegetarian restaurant, which has been around for 10 years receiving loads of accolades, offers up diverse and interesting options.  I had a difficult time paring down my choices – too many tasty looking possibilities.  WaterCourse specializes in comfort foods, and on an unusually chilly day, nothing hits the spot more.

WaterCourse - Denver, ColoradoBeing a major lover of sauerkraut, I felt compelled to order the reuben.  It’s my all-time favorite sandwich, and I love comparing one restaurant’s version to another.  It was a welcome change of pace to see that they make their reuben with smoky Portobello mushrooms instead of the vegan standards of tempeh or seitan.  WaterCourse makes their own sauerkraut in house, and it was a vibrant purple.  The sauerkraut was milder than jarred sauerkraut and had a mellow crispness to it.  I wouldn’t say that it wins for my favorite reuben of all time – Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park, California still holds that title – regardless, it was a tangy and delicious sandwich.  It came with a choice of sides, and I chose the steamed kale and mashed potatoes and gravy.  The mashed potatoes had a nice depth of flavor – almost as if they combine cauliflower in addition to the potatoes.

WaterCourse - Denver, ColoradoMy husband ordered the tantalizing sweet potato and black bean tacos.  Three soft corn shell tacos were stuffed with grilled peppers, onions, black beans and sweat potatoes.  They were then topped with a crunchy lime slaw and served with avocado and salsa.   The tart slaw balanced nicely with the spicy filling, and the platter of tacos was so filling that there was sadly no room for dessert.  Too bad.  The desserts looked amazing.

WaterCourse - Denver, ColoradoPlanning ahead for dinner that night, we picked up a salad for the road.  We chose our own toppings of artichokes, colorful bell peppers, red onion, spinach, and grilled tofu.  The grilled tofu had a perfect dense texture and was a delightful centerpiece for the salad.

It’s always a treat when a restaurant’s buzz lives up to the hype, and WaterCourse’s definitely did.  The service was good.  The food was delicious and reasonably priced.  The ambience was very inviting.  If I lived in Denver, it would certainly be a regular haunt.  Watercourse is located at 837 E. 17th Avenue in Uptown Denver.


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    Yay for Watercourse – and Denver :) They recently updated their sister location, called City O’ City, and are working on revamping the Watercourse menu next. I cannot wait to see what kind of dishes they come up with.

    PS – I live four blocks from Watercourse and am certainly a regular. Good thing for my belly, bad thing for my pocketbook.

    • says

      Lucky you! If I lived in Denver, I would enjoy poring through their menu and visiting City O’City. I’ll look forward to checking out their updated and revamped menus the next time I pass through!

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