Making the Ordinary Xtraordinary with the Tofu Xpress

Lemony Baked Tofu that was pressed and marinated in my handy-dandy new Tofu Xpress

(For an update on my opinions and experiences with the Tofu Xpress after owning it for several months, check out this updated review.)

If I had to make a list of 100 favorite things, two things that would most certainly be on it would be good mail and kitchen gadgets.  Good mail makes ordinary days feel like birthdays or Christmas.  (Or I suppose, not at all like Christmas, since there’s no mail delivery that day…)  Kitchen gadgets make the day-to-day routine of cooking a little more interesting.  Sometimes they make things more convenient (like a Microplane), more fun (like a juicer), and sometimes they just take up space in the kitchen cabinets and drawers (Hello, fondue pot I haven’t used since 2003…)  So you can imagine my happiness when my love of good mail and kitchen gadgets intertwined when I was the lucky winner of a Tofu Xpress on Ordinary Vegetarian’s mouthwatering and entertaining blog.

Before that lucky day, I’d thought of purchasing the Tofu Xpress many times.  As I posted recently, I already had my own tofu pressing methods.  My kettlebell on hardcover book system worked well enough.  (Don’t know why a person would want to press tofu?  Watch my video.)  But the idea that there was a gadget that was easy to store, dishwasher safe, and a master of pressing was intriguing.  Plus, not needing to shuffle produce and leftovers around in the refrigerator to make room for a kettlebell and hardcover book was an attractive option, indeed.

The Tofu Xpress is basically a box with a spring-loaded lid.  The tension in the spring keeps the tofu pressing while the water from inside of the tofu rises to the top, ready to be dumped.  After the tofu has pressed for an hour or more, it’s all set to be marinated.  The Xpress comes with a plastic lid that can replace the spring top for easy marinating.  Just make your marinade in the box, slide in the tofu, and let it absorb the flavors.

What had stopped me from just buying the Tofu Xpress for myself before now?  The price.   Since I’ve been very happy with my free method and it provides chewy and flavorful tofu, it was tough to justify spending $39.95 for a spring-loaded box, plus an additional $9.95 for shipping (from their website or Amazon).   At a total cost of almost $50, it made my no frills method look pretty good.  Still, the Tofu Xpress had been on multiple Christmas and birthday lists of mine, and I was excited to see how it would fare next to my usual methods.

The water from inside of the tofu rises to the top for easy disposal.

When the Tofu Xpress arrived, I eagerly pulled it from the box.  It’s well made in America and comes with full instructions on how to secure the spring loaded lid onto the base by snapping it into place.  I used the Xpress right away by making my Lemony Baked Tofu with Rosemary.  (I served it with a crisp green salad in creamy garlic dressing.)  I put the tofu into the Xpress to press and left it there for about a day.

Then I made the marinade in the bottom of the Xpress box, put the tofu back in, and covered it in its accompanying lid.  I let it marinate for about 5 hours.  Since my usual amount of marinade didn’t quite cover it, I flipped the tofu once during that time.  After it was completely marinated, I cut it into slices and baked it for 35 minutes (5 minutes less than I usually do).

The results?


1.  The Xpress pressed the tofu well and it was very convenient to pop the marinade into the same box that was used for pressing.  (If only the bottom part was made of glass, it could be used for baking as well.  How great would that be?)

2.  There was no need to run to the workout room for a kettlebell, office for a hardcover book, hall closet for towels, and back to the kitchen for the tofu and plate.  The Tofu Xpress easily fits in a kitchen drawer, ready to use at a moment’s notice.

3.  Two less dishtowels to wash afterwards.

4.  While the tofu is pressing and then marinating, the small square Xpress fits easily into the refrigerator.  With the kettlebell on hardcover book method, it took some rearranging in the refrigerator to get everything to fit.

5.  The product is made in the USA and supports a small business.

After marinating the tofu was infused with flavor to a greater degree on the outer edges than in the middle.


1.  The price.  $39.95 plus shipping of $9.95 means the Xpress costs about $50.  Since most people already have a weight, book, towels, and a plate, a person has to weigh the cost of the item versus the convenience.

2.  The tofu had a nice texture, but it wasn’t pressed quite as firmly as my old method.  Also, because each tofu slice wasn’t laying flush against the marinade in a shallow dish, it didn’t marinate as completely as it usually does.  The flavor was intense on some pieces and not as intense on others, depending on if it was an end piece of tofu or in the middle.  I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily the fault of the Xpress; I’m going to cut the tofu into slices before I marinate next time and rotate them throughout their marinating time to infuse each piece with more even flavor.

Final thoughts: Since I got the Xpress, I’ve been using it when things are hectic and I’m looking for ease.  I just throw the tofu into the Xpress, and I can get back to it that night or the next day.  When I have more time, I do the towel/kettlebell press method.

The Tofu Xpress would be a great gift for someone who is new to tofu but interested in using it more.  As I mentioned recently, sometimes people start to glaze over when you explain how to press tofu.  Just handing them this simple tool that is a breeze to use makes the whole thing a lot easier.  Plus, for people who generally don’t take the time to press their tofu before marinating because they think it’s too much of a hassle, this would be a perfect gadget.  It takes the hassle out of it and makes a big difference in terms of texture and flavor.

Thanks again to Ordinary Vegetarian for the awesome contest.  It was such a treat to try the Xpress out for myself!

Want to see the Tofu Xpress in action?  In the video below I use the Xpress to make Lemon Rosemary Tofu.


  1. says

    Lucky! The Tofu Xpress has been on many a wish list for me as well. Like you, I haven’t yet been able to convince myself that it’s worth the $50 price-tag. Thanks for the wonderful review and insight.

  2. says

    Congratulations on winning a Tofu Xpress! I too wanted to get one for a long time but couldn’t justify buying it because of that painful price tag. Not even when my stack of books slid off a block of tofu I was pressing and smashed one of my favorite bowls that was sitting nearby. :-(

    But my friend Robyn gave me one for Christmas (a huge and wonderful surprise!) and I love it! I can’t wait to try your red wine marinade recipe the next time I press a block of tofu, though I agree that a bigger dish does a better job of marinating, this is one handy gizmo!

    • cadryskitchen says

      Oh, how sad that you lost one of your favorite bowls because of a pressing mishap! I hope the tofu turned out well at least. Still, I’m glad that your friend Robyn got one for you. After that fiasco, you deserve it!

  3. says

    Congrats on winning the tofu press! It’s made in the USA? That is remarkable and makes it extra special. :)

    The lemony tofu with rosemary dish looks so delicious; I wish I could reach in and grab the plate from the photo.

    • cadryskitchen says

      Thanks, Rose! I was very delighted when Sarah at Ordinary Vegetarian contacted me to tell me I’d won. Isn’t it great that it’s made in the US? That’s hard to find these days! I wish you could reach through the screen and grab a bite of tofu too. I’d gladly share. :)

    • cadryskitchen says

      You’re welcome! I can’t tell you how many times I almost bought it too. If it was even ten dollars less or if it was available in stores (and therefore had no shipping costs), it would make a big difference, I think.

  4. says

    I broke down and bought one – but I know I didn’t pay 50$. I recall that I took advantage of a special offer at the time (probably free shipping!).

    I agree with you: it’s convenient as heck and a space saver in the fridge, too, but if you want super smashed (er, pressed) tofu then the old school method works better.

    It never occurred to me to marinate the tofu right in the press – how clever! Hmmm, I still have your red wine marinade on my mind… :)

    • cadryskitchen says

      I’m glad you got it for a deal! They’re having another special offer through the end of April with code SFM. I’m not sure what kind of discount it offers; it doesn’t say on their site.

  5. says

    Congrats! This is definitely on my list. Mother’s Day coming up and my list is getting looooooong. I press so much tofu, though, and I’m so sick of these two cans and this book always being out on my counter. Also, yelling “Where’s my tofu towel?” all the time is getting old.

    • cadryskitchen says

      I love that you have a specific tofu towel just for pressing! If things don’t work out with getting a press for Mother’s Day, maybe you need to start marketing tofu towels on Etsy. The tofu lovers will sop them up! (Pun totally intended.) Anyway, I completely get where you’re coming from about the cans and book always being on the counter. I think my kettlebell has spent just as much time in the kitchen as it has the workout room. :)

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