Kickin’ it in Kansas City: FÜD Restaurant

FUD vegan restaurant - Kansas City, MissouriOn a recent trip through Kansas City, I was eager to check out some vegan eats.  After my brief visit last year, I knew that this town in the middle of Missouri offers more than first meets the eye.  The first stop was FÜD, a place we tried and loved in the past.  It’s an all-vegan restaurant with a focus on local and organic cooked and raw cuisine.  When we arrived, the place was jumping.  The tables were packed, and the server working the floor was running table-to-table to get everything done.  One of the owners was spinning records and setting a relaxed mood as diners chatted and savored their dinners.  We were seated near the window, and my husband placed an order for a vanilla shake to cut the edge off the unspeakably hot weather.

FUD vegan restaurant - Kansas City, MissouriWhen the shake arrived, I knew my husband was going to have less of that shake than he’d initially hoped.  He took one sip and joy spread across his face.  “This is literally the best shake I’ve ever had,” he said.  Of course, I had to have a taste.  And then another.  The mouthwatering shake had undertones of malted flavor and was a creamy blend of soft ice cream and small, crunchy ice chunks.

Jackfruit Reuben - FUD vegan restaurant - Kansas City, Missouri

FUD vegan restaurant - Kansas City, Missouri

For our main courses, my eyes stopped at the jackfruit reuben.  I’d become a fan of jackfruit at the now defunct Pure Luck in LA, and I was eager to try this unusual spin on my favorite sandwich.  For my side, I noticed the child at the adjacent table was diving into his macaroni and cheese, and in an unusual twist, I added a small bowl of that to my meal as well.  The reuben was generous in size and unlike any reuben I’ve ever experienced before.  The jackfruit has a soft texture, and so the sandwich has a lot of give, except for the toasted bread encasing the filling.  It tasted as if the jackfruit had been marinating in pickle juice (and one would guess beet juice from the color as well).  It had a salty, tangy flavor that was very unique.

The macaroni and cheese was a mild, melt-in-your-mouth classic.  As a testament to it, I was unable to finish the whole thing, and so I took home leftovers.  My non-vegetarian nephew gobbled up all of the macaroni and cheese, and I don’t think he had the slightest clue that the cheese wasn’t made from cow’s milk.

FUD vegan restaurant - Kansas City, MissouriMy husband ordered the nachos, which were piled high with wild rice and mushroom meat, goji cheddar, guacamole, and pico de gallo.  It could easily have served a table of four as an appetizer.  When my husband finished, it looked like he’d barely touched it, although he was stuffed.

Tune in tomorrow when our appetites return and we go out for coffee and scones.  The deliciousness continues…

You can read about my most recent trip to FÜD here!


  1. says

    Beautiful shots! It all looks so appetizing and sounds yummy too. That shake is just making me thirsty and has kicked my sweet tooth off. I’m intrigued by the goji cheddar sauce too.

    • cadryskitchen says

      Yes, we love taking little road trips. I feel about vegan restaurants the way that kids from the 90’s felt about Pokemon cards. I want to catch them all. My husband and I love visiting cafes and health food stores along the way. We always feel at home there amongst kindred spirits. Happy Cow is such a great resource for that. It seems nowadays like there’s a hidden gem everywhere! Although, this road trip wasn’t completely random since we had an ultimate destination – camping with family. We got to include some of our standard favorite things (delicious vegan fare) with some of our sometimes favorite things (‘roughing it’ by the lake).

  2. says

    There has been all this tlak about jackfruit lately, and I don’t know jack. That cafe is adorable and looks like a fun flavorful destination. Can I hop in the trunk. Road trip!!!

    • says

      You should visit an Indian or Asian grocery store, grab a can, and check it out for yourself! Occasionally you’ll find it in the Asian section of a standard grocery store as well. I used to get the jackfruit carnitas sometimes at a restaurant called Pure Luck in LA. The restaurant doesn’t exist anymore, but the exact recipe they used is online: I haven’t tried it yet, but I have friends who have and they said it tastes exactly like what they sold at the restaurant. (With the same recipe, I guess it would…) Anyway, I bet you’d like it!

      The cafe is super cute. We’re planning on going back to Kansas City later this winter, and visiting FUD will be a highlight for sure. I’ll put a pillow in the trunk for you! 😉

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