Kansas City: Mud Pie Vegan Bakery & Coffeehouse

Mud Pie vegan bakery - Kansas City, MissouriWith coffee on our minds, my husband and I ventured to Mud Pie, an all-vegan bakery and coffeehouse.  Mud Pie is located in a big yellow house, and the owners have set it up so that most of the house is available for their coffee-loving guests.  That means there’s plenty of room to spread out.  The bottom floor is perfect for chatting and catching up with friends, and upstairs there’s a room for kids with a baby gate.  Parents can sit inside the room at their own tables while the little ones play games.  In the next room there are board games, and comfy chairs and couches.

Mud Pie vegan bakery - Kansas City, MissouriOne of the owners was working as the barista.  We ordered café au lait and two scones, and he brought them to our table.  He toured the country as a musician before opening the restaurant with his wife, and we made conversation about traveling, Kansas City, and the wonderful artwork by local artists that beautifies the walls.  The café au lait had the perfect soymilk to coffee ratio.  The scones were flaky and flavorful, the way that scones are supposed to be.

Mud Pie vegan bakery - Kansas City, MissouriMud Pie vegan bakery - Kansas City, MissouriWhile we checked our email on their free Wi-Fi and lingered over drinks, I fantasized about being a Kansas City local – shopping at Whole Foods in nearby Kansas, picking up my favorite hot sauce at TJ’s, buying vintage dresses at Donna’s Dress Shop…  Even if I’m not loading up a U-Haul anytime soon, I’d definitely like to visit again when I have more than a few hours to spend.  Just from what I’ve seen, this small city has a lot to offer.


      • cadryskitchen says

        If you have to go downtown, it almost doesn’t count. 😉 There’s an almost-vegan coffee shop and bakery in Iowa City called Fair Grounds. Their baked goods are all vegan, but they have cow’s milk (in addition to soy) for coffee.

    • cadryskitchen says

      Good eye! It was the “cheddar” and herb scone. After splitting vanilla shake the night before, I was ready for something savory. Still, I happily would have made an exception for one of their cinnamon rolls! :)

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