Another EZ Tofu Press Giveaway!

I mentioned earlier in the month when I announced the winner for the EZ Tofu Press giveaway that you’d have another chance to win one later in the month!  Well, with only a few days of Vegan MoFo remaining, that time is now!  Whether you’re hoping to press some tofu for the Bow Tie Pasta salad recipe I posted on Friday or if Red Wine Marinated Tofu is more your speed, one thing is for certain, tofu is only improved by a good pressing.

Once the water is pressed out, there’s room for flavorful marinades and spices to soak in.  Plus, while tofu can be somewhat soft right out of the package, a good pressing makes for a firmer, more dense tofu with good chew appeal.  Since I posted my original review, I’ve had a chance to use the EZ Tofu Press several times, and I like what a good pressing it gives in a short amount of time.  You can leave the press in the sink while you chop vegetables or put it into a bowl in the refrigerator (to catch the water from inside) to use later.  Once dinner is done, it can go right into the dishwasher.  Read my full review of the EZ Tofu Press here.

If you’re interested in winning one of your own, the folks at EZ Tofu Press are offering one for a giveaway, open to residents of the United States.  Just leave a comment below telling me why you’d like to win.  (If you don’t want to wait, the EZ Tofu Press is available now on Amazon.)  The giveaway ends on November 4th, 2012 at 12:01 am Central Standard Time.  The winner will be announced the next day.  The giveaway has ended.  The winner is Kittee.  Congrats, Kittee!  (I had to pick a second winner, because I never heard back from the first.)

Disclaimer:  I didn’t receive any payment for this review.  I was given the EZ Tofu Press for free, but the opinions are completely my own.

53 thoughts on “Another EZ Tofu Press Giveaway!

  1. I am the queen of sandwiches-for-dinner and tofu is my go-to filling. I’d love a press so I can stop trying to build book towers that won’t fall over during the pressing.

  2. I’ve always wanted one of these but I’ve never had the extra money to get one. We use a lot if tofu for different things so this would definitely help out.

  3. Haha, I agree completely with Bev above! I have grown tired of hearing a crash from the kitchen and going in to find my precarious smashing system in a shambles! :)

  4. I’ve wanted to get a tofu press, but have been unemployed for the last few months so cannot justify the purchase. I love the idea of tofu marinades – I’ve never tried that! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. I’d love a press because I’ve got a boatload of tofu recipes to try including lasagna and cannoli…I really need some cannoli! :)

  6. I would love to have a tofu press! These contraptions look so neat and easy to use. It would make my dinners a little more easier to make since I love having tofu in most of our meals!

  7. I would love to win one, just to skip the whole book/can balancing act. I was contemplating buying a Tofu X-press but wasn’t aware that there was another kind of press available.

  8. I would love one of these! I’m always afraid one of my kids is going to be in the kitchen when my crazy tower of cans/pans/books comes crashing down.

  9. I’d like to win the press to use with my family and for my blog’s recipes. I’ve never tried tofu pressing. We eat a lot of tofu and I just squeeze it out between my palms as best as I can.

  10. I would like to win one so that I don’t have to worry about soggy tofu anymore (not that I do in the first place but it would be nice to finally have a recipe come out right). :-)

  11. I’d actually love to win this so I can gift it to a close friend of mine. They have been eyeing up my tofu press for a long time and I haven’t been able to afford to buy one especially for them. It would make a tofu-lover out of an omnivore- what better reason is there than that? ;)

  12. I always press tofu with Lord Krishna’s Cuisine and a couple of heavy cast iron skillets, and usually something breaks or someone gets hurt when things topple over, as they invariably do.


  13. Ooooh, I was just looking at a tofu press at Nooch in Denver but decided to wait on the purchase. I would LOVE to try one…I cook with tofu all the time!

  14. Most of my cookbooks have water damage these days from being used to press tofu…I’d love to avoid the damage and get more moisture out of my ‘fu before marinating.

  15. I’d love to win this so I can stop freezing all my tofu. Freezing makes it a lot easier to press the water out, but also changes the texture considerably.

  16. I would love a tofu press because I never think ahead far enough in the future to set the tofu out to press it a couple hours before I make dinner. The press would make it easier and quicker. Plus, I could use it for my vegan personal chef service I own in Ohio! Go bucks!

  17. After years of telling myself that I don’t need a tofu press, a botched attempt at pressing *silken* tofu using books and towels convinced me otherwise. I need this because The Tipsy Vegan cookbook likes to used pressed silken tofu. ALL THE TIME.

  18. I’m busy recipe testing and an EZ tofu press would make life 10x easier! Wishing everyone luck with this great giveaway & thanks Cadry :)

  19. My cat and I would like to win one of these for our house. Ever since the unfortunate incident where she tried to use a stack of cookbooks on top of a baking sheet on top of a block of tofu on top of the countertop as a springboard to the top of the cabinets, she avoids the kitchen when I’m prepping dinner. I miss my cooking buddy!

  20. I would love to win this because I’m lazy and tired of clearing off an entire shelf in my fridge for the tower of books and cans that is my current tofu press. ;-)

  21. I would love to win this so I can get the tofu pressed without worrying about how well I’ve lined up the plates and cans and whether or not I’ve put down enough paper towels. I’d have more time to do other prep and eat sooner. Yay!

  22. I would like to win this, because I know I would make better tofu. I generally avoid pressing tofu for many of the reasons people have already noted. This would make cooking much easier and open doors to new recipes.

  23. I need this because I’ve just recently turned vegan and so far I’m not a huge fan of tofu, so this might help me find more ways to integrate it into my new diet.

  24. Oh boy! I’d love this press because tofu tastes amazing if you get that darned water out and let it soak up the flavors of your dish. Plus the press has a Frankenstein-y kind of look that is fun. :)

  25. I would like this EZ Tofu Press, because I want to surprise my husband with it. He has been asking for this and I just know he would be thrilled if I told him we won it. He’s always complaining he can’t get the tofu drained enough!

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