Banana Bread Chocolate Chunk Cookies at Keepin’ It Kind

Banana Bread Chocolate Chunk CookiesToday you’ll find me over at Keepin’ It Kind, talking about nostalgia, the holidays, and my recipe for Banana Bread Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Kristy’s blog is one of my favorites with her funny and poignant stories, gorgeous photography, and mouthwatering food. She brings life and heart to every post. From now until mid-December, Kristy is creating a virtual cookie exchange featuring bloggers from across the blogosphere with their own cookie recipes to share.

Banana Bread Chocolate Chunk CookiesAs for me? Well, let me ask you this… What’s better than sliced bread? Bread that doesn’t need to be sliced, because it’s actually a cookie with chunks of roughly chopped dark chocolate. This time of year when nothing sounds better than a hot cup of English breakfast tea and a nibble to go with it, my Banana Bread Chocolate Chunk Cookies are at your service. Meet me at Keepin’ It Kind, and I’ll tell you all about it!


  1. Food Stories says:

    Saw your guest post over at Kristy’s site & wanted to stop by and say hello :-)

  2. These cookies look amaaaazing! I love the banana and dark chocolate combo. I totally want to make them tonight.

  3. What a lovely idea! Now I’m off to find out how to make those cookies!

  4. Those look great, and I love your glass straw!

    • Thank you! I’m so in love with it too. I won it on a Strawesome giveaway, but I had a couple other straws from them already. It’s a pretty little piece of art to enjoy every morning! :)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these beauties and for all of your kind words. My heart is so warmed. xo

    • You’re so welcome! I only wish that this was a real-life cookie swap. I’m loving all of the cookies that everyone is bringing to the party!

  6. Cadry, you genius! Banana bread cookies! Just look at those huge chocolate chunks! They put measly chocolate chips to absolute shame! I too wish this was all real! I imagine we’d all be screaming like little girls over meeting each other and about the cookies! :)

    • Yes, we’d be so thrilled to finally meet, it would be like, “Cookies? What cookies?” 😉 Speaking of meeting up, are you going or have you thought about going to Vida Vegan Con? It’s a vegan bloggers conference, and they’re having their second one this May in Portland. So many fun people are going, including me and Kristy. You should go!

  7. Ann Schwalbach says:

    I use vegan carob chips instead of the chocolate chips as they are much more healthier and no caffeine. Non-addictive in that way.

  8. Oh yum! Choc chunks are so much better than choc chips in my book! And banana and chocolate is such a favourite of mine :)

    • I agree! Plus, I almost always have a bar or two of dark chocolate in the cupboard. It doesn’t take much work to roughly chop one for cookie-making purposes.


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