Vote for your favorite Salad’tude!

Over at Healthy Happy Life, Kathy has been promoting a contest to win a trip to Napa Valley for a culinary adventure getaway.  To win, a person has to show his or her salad’tude – their attitude about bowls filled with leafy greens.  The finalists were announced yesterday, and my husband made it to the final 15!  We were both so over the moon with excitement!

There are a lot of really good entries and plenty of reasons to get excited about salad!  It was very cool to see the way that everyone interpreted the idea and brought their own spirit to their entries.

Now all that’s left is the public vote!  I know you might have thought voting season ended in November, but it’s time again to exercise your right to vote!  David’s entry is #6!  (The voting can look a little tricky at first.  Tick your circle and then scroll down within that box to find the box to press enter.)  Thanks for your help!!!

19 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite Salad’tude!

  1. I all ready voted for Erin from the Olives for Dinner blog after she messaged me on facebook. Thank goodness we have a second computer! My other vote goes to David! Sorry I didn’t see this first! Voted :)

    • I know I can’t! :) I like it that he’s the only male finalist too. If only he’d known, his salad’tude could have been, “Men can love salads too!”

        • aww thank you ;)

          i love your idea for “men can love salads, too!” next time david enters a vegan contest where he needs a slogan, he should totally use it. i do REALLY love his statement on this picture, though ;)

  2. i voted for david! and for Caitlin and for Heather:) lots of machine in this house. Hence cancelling my votes.. but it will count if any of the 3 end up competing with the others at the top spot!:)

    • Thank you, Richa!! I appreciate it! Everybody did such a great job on their entries. Plus, we all want to support our bloggy friends! It will be a tight competition I’m sure! :)

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