Olive Pit Pottery + a Giveaway!

pitcher - redI’ve found with pottery that my creative leanings go in waves.  For a while I want to make nothing but cups, then bowls, then boxes…  I want to cover everything in dots, then buttons, then stripes…

grouping of pottery

olive dish

For a few months now I’ve been keen on using doilies that were crocheted by my aunt and rolling them onto the clay with a rolling pin while it is still soft.  It leaves the most beautiful patterns underneath, and you can appreciate the designs in a whole new way.

tear drop bowlblue box

My other recent obsession has been making pitchers.  I’ve made tall ones and small ones, handles that are simple and clean, or handles that are curved and dramatic.  There are endless possibilities. creamer

silver pitcherA49A3329-002Since February is the month of love, I’d like to treat one reader to one of my hand built button bowls.  You can choose if you’d prefer it in sage green or rust orange:

sage button bowlrust button bowlTo enter, simply visit my Etsy shop, Olive Pit Pottery, and leave a comment below telling me whether you’d prefer the button bowl (above) in rust or sage.  The last day to enter is February 12, 2012 by 11:59 pm CST.  The winner will be announced on February 13th.  This giveaway is international!  The contest has ended, and the winner is Caitlin from The Vegan Chickpea!  Congrats to Caitlin!  I’ll email you shortly for your address.  Thank you to everyone who entered and for all of your kind words!

 I’ve recently set up a Facebook page for Olive Pit Pottery.  If you’re interested in seeing what I’m making, I’d love it if you’d follow me there!

40 thoughts on “Olive Pit Pottery + a Giveaway!

  1. OMG…I LOVE your button bowls. They are so cute to look at! If you are now getting into pitchers, see if you can make some that would accommodate my green smoothies when I make extras and need a pitcher to put it in :)

  2. I had no idea you made pottery – your stuff is beautiful! The rust bowl is probably my favorite of the two, but I like them both. The textures from those doilies are gorgeous, too!

  3. I didn’t know you were a pottery maker! First I find out you were Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty and now this. :-) I love the buttons, such a cute touch! (That olive dish is both clever and adorable!) I’m a huge fan of sage green, the color we painted the outside of our house plus four interior rooms, so that’s the one I like best!

  4. I meant to add that the pattern left by the doilies make your pottery look really vintage. Like something out of a Roman or Etruscan archeological dig!

    Are you also on Vegan Etsy?

  5. So awesome! i love those pitchers and button bowls. i’d love a couple of them please:))
    i am guessing that these are not made on a wheel?. i need to find a pottery class nearby and make some cute little things:) (and fill up the non remaining space in the kitchen and then crib about getting a bigger house again;)

  6. I have been eyeing the sage button bowl and the little tear drop bowl for awhile now. And the little pitcher. Once I am working again, I’ll probably begin my Olive Pit Pottery collection. :-)

  7. Ha, ha, ha, that Ghost-esc picture on your store page is so cute! You keep getting better at this, will you be selling any jugs like the one you have pictured? It’s beautiful! If you happen to pick me, I would love the rust button bowl.

  8. These are so beautiful! You’re very talented, to say the least. I am pretty sure that I’m fully in love with that sage green button bowl! Keep up the great work!

  9. I just discovered you this past weekened linking through superbowl foods from Ohsheglows, yay yummy vegan stuff! I want to try ALL of your appetizers for starters. I’d eat olives out of the rust bowl :)

  10. this is such a super cool giveaway, Cadry! I love the buttons, and I also love the crochet patterns. I have a weird thing for doilies. I love the sage bowl! Also, you’ve got cool stuff up on your etsy site right now! I like the cloud shaped tea bag holder, and the cool tear drop shaped bowl. Nice work. :)

  11. I’m loving the rust-colored one! When we got married we found ourselves drawn to a red theme. We even painted one of our walls a tomato red and it goes beautifully with our one set of Mikasa china, which we pull out whenever we have a gathering of more than 5 people.

    Red is so comforting!

    Thanks for having the giveaway! Such a personal one too. :)

  12. The sage. I like that the lines are a little clearer than those of the rust. From the colors alone, I’d be really hard put – the sage won’t crowd out whatever is in the bowl, and the rust goes with my kitchen. But the sage it is :)

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