Vegan Options at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport

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Even with the best-laid plans, sometimes eating in airport restaurants is inevitable.  For me, I find it much easier to pack substantive and healthy snacks on the way to my destination.  On the way back, oftentimes I want to squeeze every remaining ounce out of my vacation instead of stopping off at a natural food store to cobble together snacks and meals for the road.  As luck would have it, some airports make it surprisingly easy to grab a vegan meal before heading on to the next leg of your journey.

Every year PCRM lists the airports that offer the most vegetarian options.  For two years running Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport topped the list.  This past November, it fell to third place with 52 out of 58 of their restaurants offering at least one healthy option.  That’s still nothing to shake a (celery) stick at!

In their press release they said, “Travelers can load up on seaweed salad and vegetable sushi at Musashi or visit Mediterranean Grill for tabbouleh, hummus, vegetarian grape leaves, vegetable stir fry, almond rice salad, and a fruit plate.”   Past years also mentioned the veggie burrito (without the cheese) at Diego’s Mexican Cantina and the black bean burger at Slapshotz.

mediterranean grill detroit airportIn January, I flew through the Detroit Airport twice.  The first time through I was rich with tofu and chickpeas packed from home, and so I just rolled my bag down to the food court area to feast on an impromptu picnic.  However, when David and I were flying back through again we stopped at Mediterranean Grill to grab dinner.

fattoush saladWe shared the fattoush salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, and toasted pita chips.  It was tossed in a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice.  I was glad that they had a good vegan salad option that was substantial enough for a meal.  It’s always a plus to get something fresh on the road.  This isn’t the prettiest salad you’ve ever seen in your life, but for an airport meal, it wasn’t half bad.

pita with hummus and stuffed grape leavesWe also shared the vegetarian grape leaves & hummus pita wrap.  When I ordered it, I imagined that the pita would be filled with hummus and vegetables and then the stuffed grape leaves would be on the side.  Surprisingly, it was all stuffed into the pita.  For a side they typically offer french fries, but they are fried in the same oil as chickens’ wings.  So I opted for potato chips instead.  The meal was on the bland side but inoffensive.

It’s nice to see airports stepping up their game in terms of vegan options.  Plus, the salad was $7.69 and the pita was $7.99.  Not bad for a restaurant with a captive audience.  With luggage/space allowance becoming an increasing concern, it’s good to have some on-the-go options when you’re flying the friendly skies.

Tune in for my next post when I’ll be featuring another vegan-friendly airport!


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    We used to fly through Detroit quite often and veggie sushi was always part of our plans. The Japanese restaurant isn’t bad for an airport, and a welcome respite for the weary vegan traveler.

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      I’m not into sushi at all, but that’s good to know for other people who are that it’s a decent vegan option. I was impressed with the amount of options at the Detroit Airport.

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    That’s not half bad for an airport. Normally when I’m flying out and find myself with a grumbling stomach, I just have to go for a big bag of crisps. Fattoush looks way nicer!

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      I totally hear you on the crisps! Recently I drove my husband to our tiny local airport when he was flying out on a business trip. As we were driving, I realized the roads were icy and treacherous. I decided I should stay at the airport for a while to wait until the roads were cleared a bit before I could head back home. I hadn’t eaten breakfast before I left, because I thought I’d be back relatively quickly. Instead I was there for over an hour with an impromptu vending machine breakfast of crisps. Fattoush would have been a vast improvement for sure! :)

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    That’s fantastic! I think the Salt Lake City airport just has a Quiznos where you can get a veggie sandwich without cheese. The bread probably isn’t even vegan. Sigh.

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      After your comment, I had to search it, and apparently there is much debate over whether or not any of their bread options are vegan. It’s been so many years since I’ve eaten there, I’d kind of forgotten about it!

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        Haha! I have to admit, I’m one of those vegans that if I didn’t prepare, I’ll just eat the dang bread. Epic fail on my part, but that’s pretty much my only “cheat”

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      I agree! It feels like just in the past 5 years there’s been an increased awareness of veganism and subsequently more options made available. It’s great to see!

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    This is really exciting for me, especially because I fly through that airport when I visit family every year or so. I think the last time I was there, I grabbed some hummus and pita at a different restaurant. I’ll have to look around a little more, next time. :)

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    I’ve actually never been to that airport, but I’m happy to know that vegan options are available! It gives me hope that veganism is on it’s way to being mainstream. :-)

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    I enjoyed reading your article. I go to the Mediterranean Grill every time I fly through Detroit – about twice a year. I guess some people don’t like airport food but I always thought this particular restaurant was great. I came to your article today because I was writing an english conversation lesson plan for a restaurant experience and I wanted to read some descriptions of some of the menu items (I always seem to get the hummus).

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      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your experiences at the Mediterranean Grill! While it wasn’t my favorite Mediterranean meal ever, I’m delighted that more vegan options exist at the airport than just a plain vegetable sandwich. :) Good luck with the lesson plan!

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    Thanks for the great information on Detroit’s airport. My flight was changed from Minneapolis to Detroit and I am so glad there are some vegan options!

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