Brunch at A.N.D Cafe in Portland

a.n.d cafe signOn our last drizzly day in Portland, we met with some dear friends for brunch before heading to the airport.  Two members of our group are gluten intolerant, and so we wanted to go somewhere that could bountifully accommodate their gluten-free diets and would also offer lots in the way of vegan options as well.  We decided on the vegetarian restaurant, A.N.D Café, which I’d had a chance to sample at one of the Vida Vegan Con breakfasts.  Everything on their menu can be made vegan, and the only thing that can’t be made gluten-free is the reuben.

interior a.n.d cafeWhen we arrived that Monday morning, the small restaurant was bustling, and there was a short wait while a table for five was ready for us.  Once seated with menus in hand, my eyes settled in on their nests.  They serve a variety of hashbrown “nests” that look like they were baked in muffin tins.  Those nests are then filled with an assortment of toppings.

hot nest at a.n.d cafeI couldn’t refuse the Hot Nest.  It’s filled with a red pepper and kale tofu scramble, jalapenos, and drizzles of vegan mozzarella, sour cream, and a chimichurri sauce.   Putting a fork through the soft spicy filling, it hit a satisfying crunch as it broke through the bottom layer of hashbrowns.  I loved every messy bite.  (I even made my own version later!  Click here for my recipe for making vegan nests at home!)

sausage patty a.n.d cafeOn the side, David and I split one of their vegan sausages.  I expected something in a patty form, but their vegan sausage was totally unique and made in house.  It was flat and thin, covering the area of a salad plate.  Crumbly with the taste of fennel seed, it was crisp on the outside and then softer on the inside.  They don’t offer any hints to the ingredients on the menu, and every nibble was like a puzzle trying to figure out what was inside.  One thing was for certain – it was completely tasty.

banana walnut waffleFor his meal, David sided with the banana & walnut blue corn waffle.  Dense and crisp, it was topped with fresh bananas and a sprinkling of powdered sugar.  All of the waffles are made gluten free, and this one was soft and moist.  Unless you told them, no one would have an inkling that it wasn’t your typical all-purpose flour waffle.

I would happily go to A.N.D Café the next time I’m in Portland for breakfast or perhaps even better, for lunch.  Clearly that aforementioned reuben needs to be procured!

For more mouthwatering breakfast pictures from A.N.D Cafe, check out this post from Nikki at Eat to the Beet.


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    I had a chance to try A.N.D. following VVC and completely agree with you — their menu is really inventive and the sausage is incredible! I went with the Blue Plate, a little scramble, nest, biscuits and gravy, and sausage combo platter. I left racking my brain on how they made the sausage, possibly TVP or something of that sort, but all the crispy, savory fennel-filled bites were incredible.

    Sort-of a housekeeping note, but I really like the way you’ve scattered your recaps into different posts, venues, etc. I think it gives a really lasting and comprehensive impression of the highlights of your trip. I’ll have to remember that for the next conference!

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      The Blue Plate sounds phenomenal. I love it when you get to sample a bit of lots of dishes. Plus, there’s everything to like about vegan biscuits & gravy! Good thinking on TVP! You may be right. I’ve actually never cooked with it. Don’t tell anyone. They may take away my vegan card. 😉

      Thanks so much for the feedback on the way I’ve scattered my VVC/Portland posts! That’s really nice to hear. It’s always tough to figure out exactly how to organize something that sweeping, especially when lots of other people are covering the same material.

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      Finding vegan waffles is already a coup, but add gluten-free to the mix and it’s quite the find! The atmosphere is super cute. Definitely worth visiting on your next trip to the area!

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      The sausage was unlike any other vegan sausage I’ve ever had. I loved its totally homemade quality. I’m glad that you enjoy my restaurant posts! Good to hear! :)

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    This is definitely on my list of places to try the next time I’m in Portland. I want one of those nests! Its such an interesting idea!

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      Absolutely! I want to try making my own version. It would be a really fun idea for a brunch get together. Everyone loves pretty, compact appetizers!

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    Yum, my favorite breakfast spot in Portland. I just wrote about their waffles recently. The nests are great, too, along with pretty much everything on the menu!

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      Aw, you are so lucky to have regular access to it! The pictures in your post had me aching to go there again and try more of their menu. I added a link to it at the bottom of this review, so that other people can experience the same waffle-envy! :)

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    The hash brown nests are such a great idea!! How fun! And yours looked and sounded so delicious, especially on a drizzly morning. David’s waffles look really yummy too, but I’m more of a savory breakfast food kinda girl, so this time it would be your plate I’d be sidling up to with moony eyes and my fork. :-)

    When I first saw the sign, I wondered if the place is called “Ampersandand.” :-) So is its name pronounced AY EN DEE, or like the word “and?” I wonder what the story is behind that name…

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        Aren’t the hashbrown nests a fun idea? Using hashbrowns in a muffin tin as a base leaves room for so many fun appetizer or brunch options. I am also a savory breakfast (or really anytime) person, and you are always welcome sidled next to me with a fork, italics or no! :)

        I’m pretty sure that it’s pronounced And like the word, but I could be wrong. Maybe a local will let us know for sure! :)

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    Those hashbrown nests look amazing! and that giant sausage patty! So jealous! There’s nowhere good for breakfast around here, I’m always stuck with oatmeal or boring tofu scramble.

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      A satisfying vegan breakfast is easily the toughest meal to find out of the house. The world needs more places where vegans can linger over a cup of coffee and filling brunch on a Saturday morning! :)

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    Can you hurry up and recreate those nests at some so I can recreate them at home afterwards!? The sausage patty has captured my imagination too!

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    We almost went there for brunch on our last day! We would’ve run into you. :-) Alas, we went to Prasad instead and while our brunch was good, it didn’t look nearly as appetizing as those nests!

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