Celebrating Vegan Pizza Day: Favorite Pizza Pies From Around The States

Vegan Pizza DayHappy Vegan Pizza Day!  In honor of this hallowed holiday I hope you are planning on celebrating with something sauce-covered and served by the slice.  To mark this occasion, I’ve decided to have a send-up to my favorite restaurant-made pizza pies that I’ve enjoyed since last year’s celebration.  They are posted in the order that they were devoured.  (I haven’t done full reviews of all of these restaurants.  For those that I have, the reviews can be accessed by clicking the pictures.)

Ethos Vegan KitchenEthos Vegan Kitchen:  In January, David and I escaped the cold for an ocean-side vacation in Florida, where the days were sunny and the trips to Ethos Vegan Kitchen plentiful.  With a crisp and pillowy crust, the pizza was topped with garlic, tomatoes, mushrooms, and veggie pepperoni.  For pizza in a pocket form, they also make a killer calzone brushed with garlic butter (vegan, of course).

ModMarket PizzaModMarket:  Later in the winter, we were steeling ourselves from a blizzard at ModMarket in the Denver area.  Their Crimini Kale pizza puts one to the mind of crisp kale chips.  (They added fresh avocado on top by request.)  This pizza was cooked in a brick oven and positively littered with fresh kale.  Then with each bite, a dash of hot sauce.  This is a pizza I could happily eat every week.

SunCafe Supreme PizzaSun Café:  April found us in Los Angeles, where I was able to visit Sun Café, one of my top five favorite restaurants.  Known for their raw and organic cuisine, this Supreme pizza is topped with marinara, SunChorizo, tomatoes, marinated bell peppers and onions.  It’s then drizzled in a creamy cashew cheese and peppered with strips of fresh basil.  This pizza is bursting with flavor and always leaves me feeling energized.

Masa PizzaMasa:  On that same California trip, I had to visit Masa, the acclaimed bearer of deep dish Chicago-style pizza in Echo Park.  In addition to their standard menu, they have a vegan menu with garlic bread, salads, and gnocchi.  Their pizzas are available with Teese; although, we opted for a cheeseless Build-Your-Own instead.  Filled with artichoke hearts, roasted garlic, and mushrooms, this decadent pizza is the real deal.

Pizza LucePizza Luce:  While in Minneapolis/St. Paul for a friend’s wedding in May, I was eager to re-visit Pizza Luce.  In addition to slammin’ pizzas, this non-vegan restaurant has veganizable appetizers like bruschetta, garlic cheese toast with their homemade vegan cheese, olive tapenade, salads, hoagies, and pastas.  I can’t resist their Pizza Athena topped with artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, fresh spinach, tomato, red onions, Greek oregano, and toasted garlic.  It can be ordered with Daiya or, even better, their rinotta cheese, which is made with tofu and cashews.

Crust Stone Oven PizzaCrust Stone Oven Pizza:  Crust in Bettendorf, Iowa brings the taste of Italy to the Midwest with their Neapolitan-style pizza.  The flour and tomato sauce are flown in from Italy, and their oven bakes at 900 degrees, cooking a pizza fast and with signature char marks.  This thin crust pizza took me back to our honeymoon in Italy in the best possible way.

While the menu doesn’t immediately look vegan-friendly, since all of the vegetable offerings are mixed in to the descriptions of meat-filled pizzas, first impressions can be deceiving.  The crust, sauce, and all of the vegetables are vegan, including the vegetables cooked ahead of time in vegetable oil.  We opted for a roasted potato, garlic, and wild mushroom pizza and an appetizer of oven roasted olives.

Trumpet BlossomTrumpet Blossom Cafe:  Trumpet Blossom in Iowa City, Iowa is the city’s only all-vegan (or even vegetarian) restaurant.  They focus on local, seasonal, and organic fare.  In addition to a varied menu and stellar cocktail list, they have a pizza offering that changes daily.  This platter of pizza slices was more than enough for two, with a few slices left over for lunch the next day.

The thick, soft wheat crust is reminiscent of the kind of pie one would make at home.  This particular day the feature included house-made seitan sausage rolled in bite-sized balls that had a faint sweetness to them, almost like cinnamon. They were joined with zucchini, kalamata olives, tofu cheese, and a red wine reduction sauce.

If you could celebrate Vegan Pizza Day at any restaurant anywhere, which one would you pick?  Who makes your favorite totally vegan pizza pie?


  1. says

    Oh good lord, those look incredible. Where do you live, by the way? I think it’s somewhere vegan-friendly on the coast. Then again, you travel a lot. What was I saying? Oh yes. I’ve never had vegan pizza from a restaurant (gasp!) However, I do enjoy Amy’s Organic Roasted Veggie pizza (sprinkled with nooch) when I’m craving it. My favorite was the Amy’s pesto pizza before going vegan, but I haven’t found a replacement quite yet. The vegan margharita was too saucy without enough Daiya, so perhaps I should just make my own, huh?

    At any rate, you have me craving pizza now at 9am. Sigh…

    • says

      I currently live in Iowa. We’re almost neighbors! :)

      I’m so surprised you’ve never had vegan pizza in a restaurant! It’s such an easy option for dining out with non-vegans. When we’re having a big family get together, we often suggest a pizza place, especially when kids are involved.

      Maybe next time you should add dollops of homemade pesto to the roasted veggie pizza. While I like both marinara and pesto on their own, there’s something satisfying about getting both at once.

      • says

        For some reason I thought you were on the West coast, which is why I always assumed you had major vegan access to all the cool places! My fault.

        As for vegan pizza, we have one place around here that offers it as “vegan pizza.” I just haven’t gone there yet. It’s the cheese factor that rules most places out in that they’ve never heard of Daiya. Plus, I just don’t eat out much :)

        • says

          It totally makes sense that you would think that. I lived in Los Angeles for over a decade, and so it comes up a lot in my posts.

          I actually prefer cheeseless pizza to one made with Daiya. However, when a restaurant makes their own vegan cheese, I’m always up for that. Sometimes servers will give a strange look when I order a cheeseless pizza, but often when they bring it to the table they say, “This actually looks really good!” The vegetables have a much larger pop of flavor without anything covering them.

          • says

            Agreed. I will sprinkle the Amy’s Roasted Veggie with nooch because I actually really like the taste of the pizza itself, but sometimes I just want cheese pizza 😉

  2. says

    Oh man, what a toss up! Dave and I have been getting pizzas at the Uncle Maddio’s near our house on a pretty regular basis. Their wheat crust is vegan, and they have Daiya. But the vegan pizza I had at Ethos last time I went there was also super amazing. Can I just get two pizzas? I promise to eat every last slice!

    • says

      How nice for you! I’m always jazzed when a wheat crust is available. Since you promise to eat every last slice, I think we can make a special allowance. 😉

  3. says

    I was never much of a fan of pizza in my veggie days, but I have learned to love it as a vegan – hooray for cashew cheese!

  4. says

    Pizza Luce is lovely. Did you try Sizzle Pie in Portland? It was good for a classic, greasy pizza. Today I treated myself to Otto Pizza in London, they do a cornmeal crust and always have a few vegan or vegan-isble options with their own homemade cashew cheese. I love cashew cheese, so I was very happy! What did you have for your PIzza Day?

    • says

      I had Sizzle Pie a couple of times in Portland – once at the VVC breakfast buffet and again with some friends on our last night in PDX. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t quite make the cut for best of the year! :) What I enjoyed most about the Sizzle Pie experience were the dipping sauces (especially the pesto one) for their breadsticks.

      That’s so great that Otto has homemade cashew cheese. I absolutely prefer that to the option of melted Daiya.

      We actually didn’t have any pizza on Pizza Day! We had pizza on Friday, and so on the actual day we had Mexican bean & rice bowls for lunch and Thai drunken noodles for dinner!

    • says

      Don’t I know it! Looking at all of these pictures of them makes me want to start at the beginning and work my way through them all over again!

  5. says

    Wow, that’s a lot of really good looking pizza! I totally did not realize it was vegan pizza day…good thing I’m not against celebrating it a couple days late.

  6. Andrea says

    Yea, the pizza at Nice Slice is really good! We had an amaaaazing all-vegan pizzeria here in Boston, but it closed some months back. So, to celebrate we made pizza from scratch, cooked out on the grill. It turned out really well.

    • says

      Excellent! I’ve always wanted to cook a pizza on the grill, but I haven’t done it yet. Did you put the dough directly on the grill grates or use a pizza stone?

  7. says

    They all look fantastic, the vegan pizza options are fairly limited and boring where I live so I would like to jump on a plane a try and deep dish pie in Chicago or the Crust stone oven pizza. I quite enjoy making my own pizzas and topping them with crazy combinations – leftover food can work really well sometimes. I might have to celebrate Vegan Pizza Day next weekend, this post has really made me crave it.

  8. Mae says

    The kale pizza made my stomach growl even though I literally just ate. The best vegan pizza I’ve ever had (other than my own 😉 ) was at Leonardo’s in Portland, ME. They use soy cheese, and instead of spreading it all over, they drop big chunks of it on the pie so it gooey and chunky – oh so good. It’s made with King Arthur whole wheat flour, and it had tomatoes, red pepper, and mushrooms, and the sauce was an AMAZING garlic olive oil sauce….makes me wish I was back on the east coast. I lived in Maine for a year and a half, and only realized two or three months before I left how many vegan restaurants there were! You should check it out someday, and if you do, make sure you hit the Green Elephant in Portland :)

    • says

      That sounds wonderful! I’ve never been to Maine, but it’s definitely on my list of places I’d like to visit. Hearing about your pizza at Leonardo’s sweetens the deal for sure! :)

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