Flashback Friday: Cashew Cheese Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Cashew cheese stuffed squash blossomsYou could almost watch the epiphany spread across their elementary school-aged faces.  Although for me it happened every year at this time, for them it was a totally new idea.  With bonnets, and baskets, and plastic green grass, it came like a flash.

“Hey, Cadbury!”

In no time at all, everyone in the class had changed my name to fit the roaring bunny commercials of the moment.

Luckily, when Easter was gone, so was the name.

squash blossomsLet’s just say that some seasonal things are more revered than others.  What would be on my list?  Squash blossoms.  Yes, I’ve written about them a time or two – sautéed with garlic, stuffed in a cauliflower-quesadilla, and very best of all, filled with cashew cheese, battered, and fried.

Generally the squash blossoms don’t show up at my farmers market until August, but on Wednesday, we were in for a surprise.  Amongst the cucumbers, collard greens, kale, and purslane, there were their muted green stems, bright orange tips, and pale yellow petals just waiting to be filled with cashew cheese.

I came home and started soaking cashews immediately following this recipe.  I decided to do all cashews this year, instead of an almond/cashew mixture, since it’s easier for cashews to be totally creamy.

frying squash blossomsThe next day I made the cheese, added a tablespoon of fresh basil, pulled out the piping bag that I only use once a year to fill them, dipped them in rice milk and cornstarch, rolled them in flour and herbs, and gave them a shallow fry.  A light salad with cucumbers and black raspberries completed the plate to balance the indulgence of the blossoms.

Squash blossoms and saladEach warm bite was crisp on the outside, quickly breaking through to the soft, salty inside.  So delicate and pretty, each one was savored.  They’re definitely dinner party worthy, as long as you have the constitution to share.  It may be harder than you think.

Get them while you can – when summer’s gone, they’re gone.  And hey, I’ll gladly give you one of mine, as long as you promise not to call me Cadbury.


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    oh my! these look absolutely wonderful! i’ve never seen a squash blossom but i want to find some so i can use this idea! and the photos have been especially lovely, lately!

    • says

      You should talk to the farmers at your CSA or local farmers market (depending on what you do). If they’re already growing zucchini, they could likely hook you up!

      Thanks for the compliments on the photos! That’s so nice to hear!

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    I always see these on TV and in magazines but have never found them around here. They look equally delicious and beautiful!

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      Yes, I heard about squash blossoms so long before I actually had a chance to enjoy them myself. Plus, in LA they were typically served with animal based cheese inside, and so they weren’t an option for me. I love how delicate they are. Truly a thing of beauty!

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    Love this! I’ve never had squash blossoms, but the few times I’ve seen them being prepped on TV makes me want to get my hands on some. Yours look fantastic Cadry!

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    I thought I had it bad with “Kissy” or “Kissty” or even worse, “Kissy Kissty.” Cadbury is worse.

    I’ve been looking for squash blossoms everywhere (two different farmer’s markets is everywhere for me at the moment) and can’t find them. I saw on instagram that The Sexy Vegan found some around here so they must exist. The hunt will continue!

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    Hmmmmmm, I will totally die for battered and fried cashew-cheese filled squash blossoms! Squash blossoms are hard to find in my city. I live in a small city in Oregon, about two hours away. I will totally get them before summer’s gone…and I promise not to call you Cadbury! I was mistaken for Rita, but I’m not Rita! I’m Rika!

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