The V List: Meet Ketty from Luminous Vegans

Ketty from Luminous VegansFor Vegan MoFo, I’m doing a series called Back in Thyme, in which I travel time and space to other places and periods of my life.  Today I’m hopping in the DeLorean and heading to Atlanta, Georgia…

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It’s time for the second episode of The V List!  In this series I interview vegans on topics like what inspired them to go vegan, what seemed like it would be difficult about going vegan that turned out to be easy, what’s their favorite kitchen gadget and more.  Today’s episode takes us to Atlanta, where we’re meeting up with Ketty, an ethical vegan from the blog Luminous Vegans.

Cashew_cheese_smaller-001I’ve been a fan of Ketty’s smart and funny blog for a long time.  With beautiful photography, adorable pictures of her rescued greyhounds, mouthwatering recipes, and highlights of her life with her partner, Neal, it’s a blog that I make sure not to miss.  I had the pleasure of meeting Ketty in person earlier this summer at Vida Vegan Con.  I only wish we’d had more time to hang out and visit, but hopefully at the next VVC, wherever it happens.

Miles-001Nikko-001Until then, check out this interview with the sparkling and warm Ketty!

If you missed the first episode of The V List, click here to watch my interview with David.  And check in on Monday when I’ll be back with a cooking video!


  1. That was awesome! Also, I’m pretty sure that her and I are kind of the same person. ha ha ha

  2. Cadry you are too kind! You and David rock! Man, I am so awkward…lol. Thanks for giving me a cheat post for Vegan MoFo :-)

  3. That’s so awesome! Thanks for featuring Ketty!

  4. Ketty’s greyhounds are so beautiful!

  5. Cutest couple and dogs EVER.

  6. Cutest couple, cutest dogs, and a great interview!!

  7. Ketty is so adorable! I’m loving this interview series!

  8. That was so awesome! Ditto on the Vitamix love, that thing still amazes me every time use it. Ketty is the cutest!

    • I agree completely! We didn’t use that part of the interview, but David also chose the Vitamix as the kitchen gadget he could not live without. When I think of all of the years I was frustrated about my chunky salad dressings and chew-inducing smoothies, I only wish I would have bought a Vitamix sooner!

      Ketty is adorable! She totally sparkles!

  9. yay! I love it so much. And yes, I am another vote for all-around cuteness. i love their dogs!!!

  10. Supercuteness! I’ve always wanted to adopt a retired greyhound. They seem so beautifully gentle and deserving of a good home. :)
    I am so craving cashew cheese now! Must head over to LV and check out Ketty’s recipes!

    • I’ve always wanted to adopt a retired greyhound too! That’s definitely on my “someday” list. I’ve heard that they get along well with cats and are even reminiscent of cats in some ways personality-wise.

      Doesn’t Ketty’s cashew cheese look amazing? Let me know if you try it!

  11. Thanks for the interview and the introduction to Ketty. I really enjoyed listening to her thoughtful ideas.

  12. BurbankVegan says:

    Great production on the last two interviews that I’ve seen on your blog. The filmstrip intro/outro is a nice touch.

  13. love this series and finding out more about everyone’s journey to the v list:)

  14. Yay! I love Ketty’s blog, too!

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