The V List: Meet Kristy from Keepin’ It Kind

Kristy Keepin' It KindFor Vegan MoFo, I’m doing a series called Back in Thyme, in which I travel time and space to other places and periods of my life.  Today I’m seeing how the DeLorean fares on the 405 in Southern California…

Back in Thyme BannerWelcome to the sixth episode of The V List!  In this series I interview other vegans on the advice they would give a new vegan, the things that they thought they would miss when they went vegan that they didn’t, and the foods they have fallen in love with since dropping meat & dairy from their diets.

Cara, Cadry & KristyToday’s episode features California local, Kristy, from the blog, Keepin’ It Kind.  (I visited Kristy as part of her vegan interview series last week, and today she’s here with me!)  I’d been a long-time fan of Kristy’s gorgeous blog by the time we met up in Los Angeles last spring (above), along with fellow food blogger and all around lovely person, Cara from Forks & Beans.  It wasn’t long after that Kristy and I connected again at Vida Vegan Con, where I was able to spend gobs of time with her and her warm and hilarious husband, Chris, who does the photography for Keepin’ It Kind.

kristy & chrisKristy’s mouthwatering food and beautiful, compassionate voice continue to make Keepin’ It Kind a blog that I’m eager to read day after day.

Get to know Kristy better on today’s episode of The V List!

Have you missed an episode of The V List?  You can watch interviews with David from Cadry’s Kitchen, Ketty from Luminous Vegans, Jackie from Vegan Yack Attack, Sarah from Fried Dandelions, and Lisa from Vegan Culinary Crusade by clicking on their names.

Be sure to come back on Friday when we’ll have our last episode of The V List for Vegan MoFo featuring Becky from Glue and Glitter.


  1. I love these videos, Cadry! Kristy’s blog is one of my favorites, and this video made me like her even more. I completely agree that the compassion aspect of veganism is what speaks to me the most. The health benefits and extra energy are the icing on the (vegan) cake. :)

    • Thanks, Amanda! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the videos. Kristy’s blog is one of my favorites too. She’s such a beautiful person inside and out, and her compassionate voice is a great example of that.

  2. Thank you soooooooooo much for having me on The V List, Cadry! You know how big a fan I am of yours so it was quite a treat to be asked. :-) Thank you again!

  3. What a treat to see and hear my favorite vegan bloggers. I feel as if I have lots of friends out there in the blogosphere and these videos just add that little something special.

    • Video does make a person come to life, doesn’t it? Hearing someone in her own voice and inflections really gives you a sense of her that you can’t get on the page.

  4. Yes to living true to your ethics and being less bloated! and yes toTJ’s mozz shreds.
    Great Q&A

  5. I only recently discovered Kristy’s blog and I was an instant fan, such beautiful photography and the creations they come up with are so fantastic! It’s really nice to see and hear her, she’s just as awesome in real life :)

    • Yes, all of her photos and recipes are stunning! “It’s really nice to see and hear her, she’s just as awesome in real life.” I couldn’t agree more! :)

  6. Such a great interview subject today! I love these videos. Will you be continuing them after MoFo?

    • Thanks, Randi! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. I won’t be doing videos at the same speed that I was during MoFo, but I’d like to do some more episodes of The V List sprinkled throughout the year.

  7. Yay! I loved getting to see Kristy’s interview. I enjoyed hearing about how she became vegan. I also like her quick meal idea of chickpeas mashed with avocados in a taco. Sounds delicious and easy!

  8. Kristy is fantastic!! And obviously her husband, Chris, too. They make such an incredible team. Great interview!

    • Yes, they are quite the pair! If Chris is up for it, I need to interview him sometime in the future! They are both so warm and charismatic.

  9. Hearing about Kristy’s sincere compassion towards animals was gratifying. I love when people make conscious, heart-felt decisions to eat a plant-based diet. Having health benefits as a side-effect is cool.

  10. love this video series.. videos have this amazing effect of getting to know the person even more. things that would never be able to come out through photographs or writing. It also helps that Kristy looks super beachy gorgeous:)


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