The V List: Meet Becky from Glue & Glitter

Becky Glue and GlitterFor Vegan MoFo, I’m doing a series called Back in Thyme, in which I travel time and space to other places and periods of my life.  Today the DeLorean is returning to ATL…

Back in Thyme BannerWelcome to the seventh episode of The V List!  In this series I interview other vegans on things like their favorite dish that they’ve veganized, what inspired them to go vegan, and how they navigate a marriage with a non-vegan.

Shepherds pie glue and glitterToday’s episode takes us to Atlanta, Georgia to meet with food and craft blogger, Becky, from Glue and Glitter.  Becky’s colorful blog is always full of fun tidbits like weekly cocktails, tasty meal ideas, and green craft projects.  As you can tell from her picture above, Becky has a real sense of playfulness that makes her blog a joy to follow.

beckyfamilyphotoI’ve been reading Glue and Glitter for a long time, and I love watching as her infant son, Darrol Henry, continues to grow ever cuter.  Becky also recently posted her first video on the topic of her vegan pantry essentials.  Worth checking out!

But first, get to know Becky on today’s episode of The V List!



CADRY: Hello. Welcome to another episode of The V List. I’m here today with Becky from the very entertaining blog, Glue and Glitter.

BECKY: Hi, Cadry and Cadry’s Kitchen fans. My name is Becky Striepe from the blog, Glue and Glitter. And I’m so excited to be part of The V List. Cadry, you’ve interviewed some vegan bloggers that I really look up to. And I’m so thrilled that you thought to include me in this series.

CADRY: How long have you been vegan?

BECKY: I’ve been vegan for 7 years. My diet has kind of circled around veganism without landing on it for a long time. And I finally took the plunge in 2006, and I’ve never looked back. I was kind of vegetarian off and on throughout middle and high school. And then in college, or most of college, I was pescetarian.

CADRY: What inspired you to go vegan?

BECKY: What inspired me to go vegan was my health. When I was 25, I was pescetarian, and like I said through college and afterwards. And I had very high cholesterol. It runs in my family, and it was something like 240. It might have even been higher than that.  And at 25 the doctor wanted to put me on cholesterol reducing drugs. And I thought that was completely insane.

So I asked him to give me a few months to try to change my diet and fix the problem.  I cut out eggs and dairy, and three months later I went back, and my cholesterol was normal. And it’s been normal ever since. I was still eating fish after giving up dairy, which was a little bit tricky to explain when I went out to eat. And it was maybe about a year before I gave up seafood and went totally vegan. That was sort of because of a combination of reading about the horrors of things like by-catch and mercury contamination and also just noticing that I would feel really bad after I ate seafood. Like kind of ill. Which maybe it was me feeling guilty, or maybe it was a health thing. Whatever it was, going totally vegan just felt like the right thing.

And in 2006 I stopped eating animal products entirely. It started as a health thing for me, but now it’s more about the environment and about animal rights. I feel like once you start eating vegan, you kind of become more open to informing yourself about the realities of animal agriculture. And for me, the lower cholesterol is really just a bonus at this point.

CADRY: How is the diet that you grew up eating different from the way you eat today?

BECKY: The diet that I grew up eating really isn’t that different from the way that I eat now with a few exceptions. My family was really into eating Asian food, especially Japanese and Thai. And with those kinds of food it’s pretty easy to skip the animal products and just have all veggies or use tofu or mushrooms in place of the meat. The only exception I really had trouble with, and I think for a lot of vegans this is true, was cheese. My mom is French, and cheese was definitely a thing in our house. When I first went vegan, vegan cheese was not so good. It kind of tasted nothing like cheese. So I ate a lot of avocado, and I guess I still do. Luckily now there’s all kinds of great vegan cheese options, and I’ve never felt deprived.

CADRY: Is your husband vegan, and how does that affect your relationship?

BECKY: My husband is not vegan, and this is something folks actually ask me about a lot, kind of having an omnivore/vegan household. Honestly, it’s really not a big issue for us. He likes my cooking. So when I cook supper, he eats a vegan meal. And if we order in, then I’ll get something vegan, and he’ll get whatever he wants. Maybe a steak. But often he’ll get, you know, the tofu dish also. The other thing that we like to do a lot is grill.  He’s really into grilling. And he bought a grill that has a couple of tiers, and there’s a section for veggies and the stuff I’m gonna eat. And he has a section for the meat that he’s gonna eat. I really think it’s just like anything else in a marriage. You know, you just compromise. My husband respects me and my choices, and I respect him. And you know, being vegan is part of who I am, but it’s not my whole identity. It’s just a way of making choices that feels right to me, and he respects that.

CADRY: It seems like there’s a really awesome vegan community in Atlanta. What do you think is the best thing about being vegan where you live?

BECKY: The best thing about being vegan in Atlanta is that there’s an awesome vegan community here. There are some great vegan food bloggers around like Ketty, who you talked to earlier this month for The V List. And there’s also just a ton of vegan food options. Within a mile of my house there are two totally vegan restaurants, La Dolce Vegan and Joe Bakery, which has a vegan sandwich counter inside called Glutenfleischers. I’m also ten minutes from Revolution Donuts, which offers vegan donut options. And there are a ton of other veggie places that either deliver to my house or are like within a fifteen, twenty minute drive. You might not think that a city in the deep South could be vegan friendly, but Atlanta is kind of a wonderland of vegan food.

CADRY: Do you have a favorite dish that you’ve veganized?

BECKY: One of my favorite dishes that I’ve ever veganized is shepherd’s pie. I partly like it, because it’s super easy and kind of comfort food-y, you know. But it’s also nostalgic for me. I first had shepherd’s pie at Cranks, a vegetarian restaurant in London, 20 years ago when I went there with my family. And it really stuck with me so much so that when I finally was cooking for myself in college and after college it became one of the staple dishes that I made.

CADRY: Thanks, Becky, for coming on today. It was great seeing you.

BECKY: Thank you so much for having me, Cadry. It was a lot of fun.

CADRY: Thanks for tuning in. We’ll see you next time.



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    Awesome! I love Becky and her blog. I love her story on how she became vegan. It’s always interesting to hear people’s story because everybody’s path is different. Also that pic of her and the fams is just TOO cute! I’m so sad that the V list series is coming to an end.

    • says

      I agree! It’s always fascinating to hear what inspired another person to go vegan and about the particular twists and turns of their path. Isn’t that picture of Becky with her husband and Darrol Henry the cutest? They all look so happy!

    • says

      Yes, it sounds like they’ve definitely got a good thing going on in Atlanta as far as vegan options and community. I suppose it shouldn’t be a huge surprise since I have so many favorite vegan bloggers who just so happen to live in the Atlanta area!

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    Atlanta sounds like my kind of town :) Rockin interview with another super likeable vegan. My husband wasn’t vegan or even veg for a long time, he first got off red meat and dairy because of his cholesterol like Becky did with dairy, then his love of animals eventually got to him and it became an ethical choice. So many reasons to go vegan, as Becky stated, but like their marriage when Larry was an omnivore it didn’t effect our marriage. But since we both are vegan now it has only enhanced it.

    • says

      I know! Who knew that Atlanta had such a thriving vegan scene? I’ve only been there once, and it was many years ago. It definitely gives me reason to return!

      I’m glad to hear about the way that veganism has played a part in your marriage, Gigi. During the time that I was vegetarian (and then vegan) and David was not, we found a way to make it work. I’m glad because then when the time came that he went vegan, it was totally something of his own choosing that he wanted. Now our being vegan together is something that unites us and that we love to share.


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