Fall Brunch at Trumpet Blossom in Iowa City

Trumpet Blossom PancakesA long holiday weekend to me means brunch.  Nothing like a savory tofu scramble or sticky stack of pancakes to make a day feel a little more leisurely.  David and I celebrated the three-day weekend by visiting Trumpet Blossom, a vegan restaurant in Iowa City.  (You may remember that I posted about their brunch menu back in July.)

This day we took advantage of their outdoor patio to soak up some of the cool-but-comfortable fall weather.  We were in good company, as the patio was pretty busy with others who had the same idea about the best way to enjoy the hoodie weather.

coffee trumpet blossomTo drink, David started with a warming cup of coffee and soy milk.

water in a mason jarApple Watermelon JuiceI opted for water cozily served in a mason jar and their juice of the day made with local apples and watermelon for a mild, not-too-sweet drink.

Pancakes Trumpet BlossomI must have had apples on the brain, because as soon as I saw the feature of the day on their outdoor menu, I had no other choice.  The hearty local buckwheat and cornmeal pancakes were topped with lightly cooked ginger-cinnamon apples.   The pancakes were gluten free and had a grainy, dense texture to them making them filling and crisp on the outside.

Tofu Scramble Trumpet BlossomAs this was a break from my traditional savory breakfast order, I had to include a side of spicy tofu scramble as well.

Breakfast tacos Trumpet BlossomDavid opted for the breakfast taco feature of the day, which included scrambled tofu and loads of vegetables on soft, corn tortillas.  They were topped with a seasoned aioli.  He loved the heaping helping of green vegetables.

Not a bad start to a leisurely weekend if I do say so myself…


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    I like your food selections but they’re making me hungry, and now I can’t decide if I want waffles (again!) or leftover beans and rice — or both.

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      It’s a rotating holiday that happened to be Columbus Day this year. I didn’t realize how few people were off until I was running errands and it was empty everywhere I went!

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    Jealous am I! Not only that you could go to such an awesome restaurant, but I’m a wee bit jealous of the crisp weather (we went swimming outside today, not quite feeling the fall weather here in S.A.).

    (I loved that they served you your beverages in Mason jars!)

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      We could totally swap, Janae! I’d happily trade flip-flop, swimming outside weather for sweater weather any day of the week!

      I agree, there’s something super cozy about drinks in mason jars!

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      That’s funny! I’d kind of forgotten about brunch crowds. I know it’s a fact of life in big cities, but in Iowa at the kinds of ethnic & vegan restaurants I typically visit, there’s generally no wait at all. I go hot & cold when it comes to buckwheat pancakes, but these were terrific and really flavorful.

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    What a lovely weekend filled with sunshine! I would love to try Trumpet Blossom sometimes, thank you for the mention, plus I’ve never been to Iowa! I would go for the breakfast taco feature of the day – I’ve got to have some for breakfast!

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    Yay for hoodie weather and long weekends! The brunch looks fabulous and I’ll have to remember the restaurant if I’m ever in that neck of the woods. Everything looks really delicious but that taco with the aioli is what I want in my mouth right now.

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    Looks like I’m not the only one with apples on the brain :) I’m envious that its still nice enough to sit outside where you are, it’s gone a step past crisp here and I’m already wearing my winter coat! Lovely looking brunch, I’m totally in the mood for some scramble now.

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    I’m loving the cool but comfortable weather lately- cool enough to wear a sweater but warm enough to sit outside. :-) I think I would’ve gone with the pancakes too- they look great!


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