Review: Gardein Beefless Burgers

Gardein Beefless BurgerOne truth in this life is that everything tastes better on the grill.  The smoky scent in the air, deepened flavors, and the look of those beautiful grill marks make grilling season the best part of the year.  Sadly, the days of grilling are winding down on this part of the globe.  I’m hoping to eke out at least another month, but my favorite tank top will now be covered up with a jacket.

While these dwindling grilling days last, in addition to grilling garlic sourdough bread to go with warm lentil salad or a hot bowl of soup, sometimes a burger just hits the spot.  I’ve always been a big burger fan, and when I went vegetarian, burgers were something I thought I’d miss.  If only I could go back in time and hand myself one of these Beefless Burgers from Gardein.  I could have thrown any of those concerns out the window.

Gardein Beefless BurgerGardein Beefless Burgers are made with non-GMO soy and wheat in addition to kamut, amaranth, millet, and quinoa flour.  They are admittedly more processed than a slab of grilled polenta or vegetable skewers, and for folks who don’t like meaty plant-based foods, this would not be the product to get.  However, if you’re into the kind of veggie burger that you can really sink your teeth into, this is the one.

They have that salty, fatty burger flavor that doesn’t need much in the way of adornment.  A simple smearing of stone-ground mustard is enough along with a couple of pickle slices and onions.  Here I added lightly fried slices of Upton’s Bacon Seitan for even more smoky goodness.  They’re great with steamed broccoli or baked fries with ketchup and malt vinegar.

Gardein Beefless BurgerGardein seems to be popping up everywhere nowadays, and lots of their products can be found in standard grocery stores like Hy-Vee or even in the refrigerated section at Target.  It’s cool to see vegan specialty products becoming more and more mainstream and available.

FYI: I was not compensated for this review.  I bought the burgers myself. 


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    My mind has been on burgers for weeks! We rarely have them purely because they are so processed, but Gardein’s products are definitely better than others. When we do do them, we do them right. Seitan bacon burgers all the way!

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      It’s not something we eat all the time either, but it’s a really fun treat on occasion! And yes, seitan bacon amps it up that much more! :)

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    So, they’re not gluten free (the kamut), but I’m wondering if I would be able to tolerate them. They look super tasty. I’ve yet to find a burger’s burger, that is vegan & gluten-free. Plenty of veggie burgers, but nothing like this or a boca, which is admitedly more meat-like (which is fine with me).

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      There’s vital wheat gluten in them too, and so they would likely be too gluten-y for you. Have you tried making burgers with TVP? I’ve never done it, but it seems like Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day has some meatier burger options using it.

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      Yes, that’s right! They’re very juicy. Have you tried asking any of your grocery stores to carry seitan bacon? David and I both made requests to a few stores, and two of them said yes! Now we have seitan bacon options and don’t have to just stock up when we’re in a larger city.

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    Definitely my favorite burger! I know some people prefer ones that are more obviously made with vegetables but for me, the meatier the better. Now I just need to cross my fingers that seitan bacon will be available here someday :)

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      It took me a long time to try Gardein for whatever reason. It seems like they came on the scene at the same time as a lot of other specialty products. I haven’t tried a lot of their products yet, but this burger is a big hit. David is an even bigger fan than I am.

      Has the seitan bacon made it to anywhere in Canada yet? Will they ship it to you online from Vegan Essentials or something like that?

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      Yes, check them out! They’re so great on the grill. You put them on straight from the freezer, and then they just have to stay on long enough to warm through.

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    I have tried Gardein products before, especially in dishes seen at the Wynn. The beefless burgers look pretty good with the grill marks, and I am missing the summery grilling season! The burger looks tasty – I want some!

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      I’m eager to get to the Wynn now that they have so many vegan options! I’m not a big Vegas person, but it gives me another reason to visit sometime.

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    I’ve never had Gardein products, and now that I avoid gluten, I suppose I never will, but they look like a good choice to have on hand when grilling for company that includes omnivores. Do you think meat-eaters would like them? My son tried some Beyond Meat recently, and said it was really good. I’m curious about it because it’s GF. Have you tried it?

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      Depending on the person, I could see non-vegans liking these burgers a lot. I haven’t tried them yet, but my mom made the Gardein beefless tips for dinner one night with my dad. Neither of them are vegan, but they both thought they were excellent. I imagine the burgers would be in the same arena taste-wise.

      I’ve only very briefly tried Beyond Meat. David got it in a sandwich at Home Grown Smoker in Portland, and I had a bite of it. It had a lot of flavors going on with the smoke and sauce in addition to how it must taste on its own, but it was excellent. (David said it was the best sandwich he’s ever had.) I haven’t picked up a package of Beyond Meat yet to try it for myself. I know Mark Bittman raves about it, for whatever that’s worth.

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