Review: Sjaak’s Organic Vegan Chocolates

Sjaak's trufflesI know this time of year we’re all supposed to have visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads, but I have no dreams of prunes in my stocking.  Although my sweet tooth is admittedly on the small side, there is one area where my sugary desires come out.  Chocolate.  Especially chocolate from Sjaak’s, my favorite vegan chocolatier.

So you can imagine my enthusiasm when the folks at Sjaak’s contacted me about sending me a sample of their chocolaty goodness.  (Somebody pinch me.  Maybe I am dreaming after all.)  Sjaak’s (pronounced like Jacques) used to carry both vegan and non-vegan chocolates, but now they have a completely vegan product line (no dairy or bone char sugar here) and a vegan facility as well.

When I asked them why they switched over to being entirely vegan, I was told, “We made this transition for the same reason everyone goes vegan, for ethical reasons most importantly and then of course environmental, health, etc.”  Got to love that!  In addition to being vegan, the chocolates from Sjaak’s are non-GMO, organic, and fair trade.

sjaak's chocolatesSo check out this amazing Christmas delivery!  I received a large box of nine truffles, a smaller holiday box with 4 truffles, a Christmas peanut butter tree, and my favorite candy bar, Eli’s Earth Dream Big Bar.  (I’ve already written about the Dream Big Bar in another post, and so I’m not going to cover it today.  However, you can check it out here.)

sjaak's trufflessjaak's trufflessjaak's trufflesI loved the adorable boxes, wrapped up with a bow.  They reminded me of taking chocolates to my valentine in school, but these chocolates are all grown up.  All of the truffles were dense, smooth, and rich with a velvety texture.  The truffles come in a variety of flavors including hazelnut, almond, blueberry, cherry, cappuccino, orange, cashew, coconut, and “melk.”  The flavored part just compliments the chocolate and doesn’t overwhelm with its creamy layer.  The chocolates were so saturated with flavor, I slowly savored every bite.

sjaak's chocolate peanut butter treeThe peanut butter tree was made with soft, salty peanut butter with little bits of crunch inside and coated with a sweet covering of chocolate that seemed to melt in the mouth with each bite.

sjaak's chocolate peanut butter treeSjaak’s organic chocolates are available in some natural food stores, on sjaaks.comVegan Cuts, and Vegan Essentials.

Disclaimer:  These chocolates were provided to me for review.  The thoughts and opinions are totally my own. Post contains Vegan Cuts affiliate link.

Congratulations to Ashley for winning the Great Vegan Pumpkin eBook giveaway!


  1. says

    You’ve got to be kidding — you are one lucky blogger! Our vegan store sells Sjaak’s chocolates so I’ve tried them, but never in the quantity or selection that you have. The truffles look perfect — almost, but not quite, too pretty to eat.

    • says

      I know! There may have been squealing involved when they asked if I’d like for them to send me chocolates. It was like Christmas when that box showed up at my door.

      Like you said, they were almost too pretty to eat, but I powered through. 😉

  2. says

    Aaaah I would so love to review these on my blog, but I don’t think I’ve seen them in Toronto! Love their comment about why they transittioned to vegan. Makes wonderful sense!

    • says

      You’ll have to look for them the next time you’re in the States. Whenever I’m in a new-to-me natural grocery store, I always check to see if they have them.

  3. acookinthemaking says

    What an amazing freebie! You are not dreaming, you earned it :)

    That peanut butter tree looks out-of-this-world delicious, btw.

  4. says

    lucky you.. these are so pretty! the one i tried from the vegan cuts snack box wasnt that interesting, somewhat grassy. i have no clue why. maybe just a bad piece. i have to try these other truffles. they are too pretty to not be delicious:)

  5. says

    I’ve tried Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates before, now I wish I have tried their peanut butter tree. I love anything with peanut butter including salty and sweet chocolates. I like their Eli’s Earth Bars more than their truffle assortment. Hope you had a wonderful holidays! Wishing you a Happy New Year, Cadry!

    • says

      If I had to choose amongst all of their products, their Eli’s Earth Dream Big bar is my number one favorite. Although, I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried from them.

      I hope you had a wonderful holiday too! It looks like you’re having an amazing time in Paris. Happy New Year!

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