Cyber Monday Deals for Vegans (and Anyone Else) On Your List!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  If so, you are way ahead of me!  In past years, I’ve tried to shop all year long – picking up gifts at art fairs, on trips, and whenever a good find would come my way.  However, this year I don’t have even a single gift purchased at this point.  Whoops!  Luckily, there are so many good deals out there, especially today for Cyber Monday.  Here are a few ideas for the lucky people on your list:

Vegan Cuts Snack BoxVegan Cuts:  Vegan Cuts is offering so many discounts today, even on their monthly snack boxes!  (Don’t know about their monthly boxes?  Here’s my most recent review of their snack boxes.)  Which Vegan Cuts items will be on my wish list?  The wooden sheep necklace, a subscription to the Beauty Box, and one of their New York for the Holidays boxes.

Freshly squeezed orange juiceStrawesome:  I have given beautiful glass straws from Strawesome multiple times as a gift, and they make regular appearances here on my blog.  Not only are they great for smoothies, juices, and, well, any and all drinking purposes, they also make the whole occasion so much more festive.  With a variety of designs, colors, and shapes, they are perfect as a stocking stuffer or for anyone on your list.  (They are dishwasher safe, but you’ll still want to be sure to add a cleaning brush to your order, if you don’t already have one!)  For Cyber Monday they’re offering free shipping with any sized order with the code GREATGIFT.

Vitamix:  I pined after a Vitamix blender for literally years before I got one.  It is a big investment, but one that I have never regretted.  It makes all of my dressings, sauces, and smoothies silky smooth, and when I make cashew based cheeses or sauces, no soaking is necessary, which I just love.  I even make my own peanut butter!  I bought a reconditioned Vitamix for a reduced price, which still has a lengthy warrantee, and has worked beautifully from day one.  Their reconditioned models start at $279 right now.  What’s on my list from Vitamix?  A dry grains container for making my own flour and kneading dough. For free shipping, click here.

herbivore clothingHerbivore:  When we were in Portland last spring, I was able to visit the brick and mortar location of Herbivore and admire all of their shirts, scarves, bags, and more.  But it was hardly the first time that I’d bought anything from Herbivore.  Both David and I have shirts from them, and they’re always coming out with new designs.  (If only I hadn’t bought a Good Luck elephant sweatshirt in rust while I was there, I would totally be adding the new aqua version to my list!  The Eat No Harm slouchy pull-over and Compassion is Invincible tee are super cute as well.)  Everything on their site is on sale until midnight Thursday with the 15% off coupon code – FORTHEANIMALS.

Isa Does It cookbook coverCookbooks:  My cookbook collection is overflowing at this point, but it’s so hard to stop!  It seems like any time my collection feels complete, a new book comes on the market that sweeps me off my feet.  Currently I’m head over heels for Isa Does It (review here), but I also highly recommend Vegan Diner, Viva Vegan, Vegan Eats World and Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day just to name a few.  (Can’t decide which cookbook to get?  All of my cookbook reviews are here.)  The cookbook on my Christmas wish list this year is Julie Hasson’s new pizza oriented book, Vegan Pizza.  For today only, take 30% off of any one book on Amazon with the code BOOKDEAL.

voopee piesVooPee Pies:  I was lucky enough to win six VooPee pies from Gigi at Veganville a month or so ago.  The large sandwich cookies were shipped to my door, individually wrapped, and filled with a healthy layer of creamy frosting in between.  Today is the last day to get 20% off your order with the code VEGANMEOW.

Gold Mine Sauerkraut:  We’re drawing names this year for our extended family Christmas and had to include five ideas for gifts around $20 that we’d enjoy receiving.  Whoever gets my name may be surprised to find sauerkraut on my short list!  Some people enjoy a fine wine, and hey, me too, but I also enjoy a fine sauerkraut!  And the raw garlic kraut is fantastic and not available in Iowa.  (For a review of their kraut, click here.)  The closest I can find it is in Chicago or online!  If someone on your list is a big sauerkraut lover, Gold Mine is offering $5 off shipping with the code 13115F for orders of $100 or less and free shipping with the code 1311FS for orders of more than $100.

eli's earth dream big barSjaak’s Chocolate:  My very favorite chocolate company, Sjaak’s, is offering 25% off of everything on their site, and today is the last day!  I’m going to be doing a full review of their truffles in an upcoming post, but you can read about my deep and heartfelt feelings for their Dream Big candy bar here.  All of their products are now vegan.  So just get me one of everything and we should be good.  The 25% off code is BLACKFRIDAY.

Have you found any amazing Cyber Monday deals?  What gifts are you hoping to receive or looking forward to give this year?


Disclaimer:  There are Amazon, Vegan Cuts & Vitamix affiliate links in this post. 

Vida Vegan Con 2013: A Love Letter

Summer camp isn’t something you usually get to experience after the age of ten.  The instant friendships, gabbing over mutual obsessions, laughing until there are tears welling in your eyes…  Mixed with days of classes on the very things that light a fire in your heart and mind…  Followed by nights of staying up late, singing karaoke, sharing stories, and then starting it all over again at the dawn’s early light.  And yet, last week, well past the age of ten, I relived those summer camp days at Vida Vegan Con.

Vida Vegan Con, as I’ve talked about here before and you’ve no doubt seen scattered all across the vegan blogosphere for the past week, is a conference for vegan bloggers.  A niche within a niche, it’s amazing that hundreds of people across the globe want to travel to Portland to immerse themselves in the vegan food mecca to connect with bloggers they’ve only known virtually, to meet the cookbook authors who have inspired them in their kitchens, and to make instant friendships that feel somehow old.

Being at a conference with other likeminded people whose compassion for animals has led them to similar places made the world feel very small. The smiles, the waves, the feeling of community made my heart swell.

It made me think about how cookbook authors are like musicians in many ways.  Just as a song that you hear at a particular period of your life can resonate very deeply and become a part of your own story, a recipe fills an intimate part of our lives.  Whether it’s the cranberry sauce that you make every Thanksgiving, or your favorite chocolate chip cookies that are your fail-proof go-to for any event, whether it’s the well worn cookbooks that guided you in your early days of veganism when you didn’t know tempeh from Tempe, or the meals that made small town living taste exotic.  These recipes and cookbooks fill cherished parts of our lives – from quiet dinners with a spouse or partner to yearly holiday traditions that become a part of one’s own family history.

When we share our own recipes, it’s sharing a personal part of our families too – the foods we eat, the things we like, the ways we fuel those we love the most in the world…  Sharing recipes is something that has been done since the beginning of human history.  In some ways, it’s the way that we describe our very particular worlds – what’s in season, what are our preferences, what is growing in our own towns.  Food gives a glimpse into our own lives.

Meeting other bloggers and cookbook authors, who share these things in these same ways, many of whom I already knew the names of their cats or dogs or favorite travel destinations, was really special.  There’s something very validating about shared connections.  We are from all over the globe, but we have these values in common.

As much as I enjoyed the classes and will take away so many useful ways to improve my own work, the biggest take away was this – we are all more alike than we are different, and while our ways of connecting in this century are very different from the ways of our ancestors, it doesn’t make it any less moving.

Best of all, nothing feels as good as laughing until it hurts.

A huge thank you to Jess, Janessa, and Michele for organizing Vida Vegan Con.  You should be very proud of yourselves and what you’ve created.