A Speedy Delivery Postcard Swap

Join us for a fun postcard swap!I have loved mail for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is from when I was 3 or 4 and my Grandpa traveled to California for a visit. My mom went outside to get the mail, and I couldn’t believe my ears when she told me that there was a letter for me. I still remember sitting on the living room floor with envelope in hand – scrawled with my name and address. I couldn’t tear into it quickly enough. Inside was a card with a picture of a mouse on the front. The little mouse was sitting in the hole of a tree with a sweet little look on his face. Inside, my grandpa wrote me a note about his trip, and it was immediately treasured. I still have that card to this day.

So it’s no wonder that as a child one of my favorite characters on Mister Rogers was the neighborhood mailman, Mr. McFeely. He could never stay long to chat, as he was always darting off to deliver a letter or package to some lucky recipient elsewhere on the street. However, for that brief window of time that he was there, he brought a bit of surprise to the day in the form of a letter, package, or present.

With Mr. McFeely in mind, I’m trying something new this month – a postcard swap. After all, the thing that I love most about Vegan MoFo is how it fosters community. Even if someone lives in a small town and knows no other vegans, just a few keystrokes away there’s a whole world wide web of people who are just as interested in gabbing about vegan food, ethics, and the unparalleled joys of a seitan reuben.

Join us for a fun postcard swap!So I’m inviting you to retro blog with me this month. (I think they used to call it “letter writing.”) Anyone is welcome to participate – regardless of if you are a blogger or vegan. To play along, just email me with the address where you’d like your postcard sent, and then I’ll match up partners. (If you are a blogger, let me know your blog too, so that I can pass that information on to your partner!)

Since this swap is international, your partner may be from another part of your country or the world. Keeping the costs of postage in mind, sending a postcard is all that is required. However, if you’d rather send a letter or small surprise, that is fine too!

Don’t know what to write about? Here’s a writing prompt! Tell your partner about a vegan food or meal that feels like home to you.

Update:  Sorry, the sign-up date has passed!  Partners are being set up right now, and participants will be notified this week.  The details: To participate email me at cadryskitchen@gmail.com with your address by midnight (Central Standard Time) on September 9th.  I’ll pair up partners and email people throughout the week. Postcards should be sent by September 19th, so that they will hopefully arrive before Vegan MoFo ends.

A month of foods that make me feel like coming home - Cadry's Kitchen

Meet Avon (Warning: Kitten Overload)

Meet AvonIn non-food news, we added to our family! Yes, I know I told you in my pickles & ice cream post that I wasn’t pregnant. And that’s true. We adopted this red haired guy – Avon!

We weren’t looking to add another cat to our brood; however, fate had other plans. My parents were out on a long drive in the country along a busy road when my mom thought she saw a little kitten out of the corner of her eye. They drove back and parked the car. As my dad walked toward the kitten, the little kitty ran away, and my dad was afraid he wouldn’t be able to reach her. As he was walking back towards the car he heard one little meow and then a second. He turned around and there were two little kittens instead of one – a pale taupe kitten and an orange one. My dad noticed that there was a box a few feet away, where a person had apparently dumped the kittens without food, water, a sign, or anything. Next to a busy road and with the closest house at least a half a mile away, the cats surely wouldn’t have lasted long.

Meet little AvonAt that point the kittens appeared to be just a few weeks old, and they were both starving. My parents brought them home, and the kittens ate and ate. Separated from their mother too soon, they pawed at their food while they ate as if they were nursing. My parents watched over the kittens and nursed them back to health.

Throughout the time that my parents had them, I received regular updates and pictures of the kittens. Immediately David and I noticed how much the little redhead reminded us of our cat, Spike. He was talkative, liked to sleep in a Superman-style pose, and was often pushed around by his sister.

Sweet little AvonThe sister got adopted, and then there was one. David and I were won over by that little kitten face and knew he needed to be a member of our home. We named him Purr Avon (Avon for short) after the British sci-fi character from Blakes 7, Kerr Avon. The day before my birthday, my parents drove little Avon to his new home to live with us.

Cadry & Avon

Sleepy AvonSleepy Avon in lapAvon is terrifically sweet. I have never met a kitten who loves licking your face and chin so much. He actually tries to hold your face with both paws, so that he can get a good grip while he grooms. He is a purring machine, and as soon as you touch him, he’s purring with abandon. My laughing quotient for the day has at least tripled since his arrival. He has that kitten-style awkwardness that keeps him from having any catlike grace for which felines are known. As a callback to his time in a box without food, he eats anything that he can find, and he eats until the bowl is empty.

Avon drinking waterIn addition to licking, he also likes to bite a little on your fingers. I’m trying to break him of the habit, because while it doesn’t hurt in the slightest right now, I like having adult cats who never bite. I’ve been looking up advice on the internet and trying different things, but if you have any tricks that worked for you, please share!

Spike and AvonWe’ve been slowly introducing him to our cats, Spike and Jezebel, who are admittedly much less excited about the new arrival than we are. Considering they’ve spent fourteen years as a household of two cats, I can understand their trepidation and territorial feelings. Outside of an occasional lapse of pouncing, Avon is doing a pretty good job of being slow with them and heeding their hissing when the time comes.

CU sleepy AvonAvon takes a snoozeTo see more pictures of Avon (and Spike and Jezebel too, of course), check out my feed on Instagram, where I don’t fight my urges to post adorable kittens doing adorable kitten-type things.