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How Has Going Vegan Changed My Life?

My Husband’s Vegan Journey

First steps…

 Open Letter to a New Vegan:  Tips for Transitioning

Open Letter to a New Vegan:  Reading Labels

Tips for Transitioning:  What Really Changed My Palate

Vegan Food:  It’s Just Food

Going Vegan Means Finding New Habits

How Saying Goodbye to Animal-Based Foods Meant More Variety in my Diet

Learning the Language of Vegan:  Ten Meals that are Easy to Veganize

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

Removing Calluses: The Peace That Comes with a Vegan Diet

“Don’t Do Nothing Because You Can’t Do Everything”

Eat Your Vegetables and Other Radical Ideas

Excuses for Not Going Vegan: I Just Like Food Too Much

Five Ways to Make Your World More Vegan Friendly

Vegan misconceptions & questionsQuestions/Misconceptions

If vegans don’t want to eat animals, why would they eat something that tastes like meat?

Is breastfeeding vegan?

My Take on Fake: Plant-based milks & meats

My Take on Fake:  Sausages & other shapes

Would you still be vegan if you were trapped on a desert island?

Is yeast vegan?

Are vegans privileged and out of touch?

Is it better to thank the animals for “giving” their lives?

Thoughts on being vegan enough

Social Aspects, Holidays, Road Trips, & Special Events

Going Vegan:  What to do when the Joke’s on You

Going Vegan:  Making New Food Traditions 

What NOT to buy vegans for Christmas

How to navigate the move to a vegetarian Thanksgiving

How to get vegan specialty products in your grocery store

When People Won’t Eat Your Food Because It’s Vegan

Navigating Social Events

My Wish for the Turkeys:  A Vegan’s Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Tips for Vegan Road Trips

Top 3 Things to Pack in your Carry-on for Vegan Air Travel