Quick dinner ideas: Pita pizza

I can’t tell you how many hits I get on my blog from people searching, “I don’t want to cook.”  I wonder, are they just looking for a place to vent or are they hoping I’ll give them the number for a good Thai place?  (Hello, hungry and tired person.  You’re welcome here.)  With those people in mind, I’m starting a new, irregularly-scheduled series called Quick Dinner Ideas.  Tonight’s Quick Dinner Idea is Pita Pizza, because everyone likes pizza.  Except Ted.  But let’s not talk about him.

For a quick, healthy, and inexpensive weeknight meal, pita pizzas are a simple and satisfying option.  They can be made using leftovers and ends of whatever vegetables are hanging out in the Pyrex.  Squash blossoms, bell peppers, and onions perhaps?  Look to the countertops and pantry for basics like garlic or tomatoes.  (The yellow ones are in season.  Aren’t they pretty?)  When the refrigerator is bare, turn the wheel on the lazy susan cupboard and use favorites that have a long life like jarred artichoke hearts, olives, roasted red peppers, or sauerkraut.  Each person can personalize his or her own pizza.  Add some marinara and you’re good to go.  Best of all, a whole bag of pita bread doesn’t cost much; that’s a lot of pizza!   After the pizza party, remaining pita can be used later for pita pockets or dipping into hummus and baba ganoush.

When the weather is nice, the pita pizzas can go right on the grill.  In just a few minutes the “crust” is hot and crisp.  After it’s toasted, move the pizza to a higher shelf in the grill, away from the flame and cover the lid to heat the rest of the ingredients, or sauté all of the ingredients beforehand in a pan to warm them.

After grilling season has passed, the pita pizzas are a breeze to cook in the oven; set the oven to 400 degrees, put the pizzas on a cookie sheet, and let them bake for 5-7 minutes. 

If you happen to be inviting Ted over, just order Thai.  It’s easier that way.