Loaded Potato Slices with Bacony Bits & Cashew Cream

In celebration of Vegan MoFo, I’m doing a month of themed dinner party ideas! The theme for the second week is a pajama party!

What I have to say today may come as a shock.  After six blissful years of marriage, I am now marrying Blair Underwood to live in a New York City apartment, where I’ll work as a cookbook author, have zero children, and drive an aqua Mini Coop.  You might think this would devastate my husband since he’s doomed to live in a shack, but he’s really taking it all in stride since he’ll be marrying River Song, driving a Tardis, living in London, working as a Gentleman of Leisure, and having eleven children.  (Well, that part is bound to be an adjustment.  Luckily, the Tardis is bigger on the inside.)  I know you think this turn of events is, well, sudden, and to tell you the truth, it was rather surprising to me as well.  But after playing MASH at the pajama party this week, the future became startlingly clear.

To those of you who never played or don’t remember MASH from your grade school slumber party days, all it takes is one piece of paper labeled MASH at the top, which stands for mansion, apartment, shack, and house.  Then there are the categories: car, crush, job, and number of kids.  You’re supposed to put in a mixture of things you’d like and things you wouldn’t to keep it fun and interesting. Then, using your favorite number, 3 for example, you go through the list crossing off every third thing, until there’s only one item left in each category.  Whatever remaining items are there, that’s your future!

In preparation of my Big Apple adventure, I’m packing my bags with big ridiculous hats and tutu dresses.  (All women in New York dress like Carrie Bradshaw, right?)  And I’m readying myself to be taken to vegan nirvana with Moo Shoes, Vaute Couture, Candle 79, and Blossom.  I’m going to take cooking classes from Terry Hope Romero herself and fill my other time watching Broadway shows, while Blair holds my hand from the front row.  (He’s got connections.)

loaded potato slices with cashew cream 2Okay, um, so I just received news that this MASH thing may not be as iron clad as I’d once thought.  Boy, this is embarrassing.  What am I going to do with all of those tutu dresses in Iowa?  Here they’ll just be ridiculous.

To salve my disappointments, instead of mash, I’m roasting.  If salty, smoky, and savory takes your sadness away, these Loaded Potato Slices with Cashew Cream are just what The Doctor ordered.  (That’s what David is calling himself now that his other car is a Tardis.)  These roasted Russet potatoes are topped with garlicky cashew cream, minced red onion, diced cilantro, and PigOut Bacony Bits.  (I’ve written about the bacony bits before here.)  It’s the kind of full-bodied appetizer that makes your eyes roll back into your head and requires an audible “Mmmmm….”

If dipping is more your thing, make the cashew cream ahead of time, and then top with bacony bits, onions, and cilantro just before serving with baked fries or potato wedges.  Why opt for ketchup when you can have garlicky cashew cream?  To make these mouthwatering treats gluten-free, swap out the bacony bits with chopped Smoky Soy Curls instead.  The cool, creaminess of the topping with the warm potato underneath is the perfect snack for watching Sex and the City reruns and dreaming about what could have been…

Loaded Potato Slices

Loaded Potato Slices with Bacony Bits & Cashew Cream

Serving Size: Serves 6-8 as an appetizer

Loaded Potato Slices with Bacony Bits & Cashew Cream


  • 1 cup raw cashew pieces
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 Tablespoon nutritional yeast flakes
  • 1/2 teaspoon white miso
  • 1 small clove garlic, chopped small
  • 3 large Russet potatoes, sliced into 1/2 inch slices width-wise
  • 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  • Pinch of salt & pepper
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro leaves, chopped
  • 1/4 cup red onion, minced
  • 3 Tablespoons Wayfare Pigout Bacony Bits, Phoney Baloney's Coconut Bacon, or fried & chopped Upton's Seitan Bacon


  1. Start by making the cashew cream. If you're not using a Vitamix or other high speed blender, soak the raw cashews in additional water overnight or for 4 hours. Drain them and continue as follows.
  2. Combine raw cashews, water, nutritional yeast flakes, white miso, and garlic in a blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. Refrigerate until needed.
  3. Next, prepare the potatoes. Preheat the oven to 420 degrees and line two baking sheets with parchment paper.
  4. In a large mixing bowl toss the potato slices with extra virgin olive oil, paprika, salt, and pepper until fully coated. Evenly place the potato slices onto the baking sheets, being careful not to overcrowd.
  5. Roast the potatoes for 20-25 minutes, stopping once to flip them.
  6. Once they've finished roasting and they are toasty brown on both sides, move the potato slices to a platter and top them with cashew cream, cilantro, minced onion, and bacony bits.


  1. says

    those loaded potato slices look OUT OF THIS WORLD! i love the amount of cashew cream on top! and thank you for reminding me about mash, i completely forgot how to play it!

    • Cadry says

      I always say that when it comes to cashew cream and kisses, more is always better! 😉 If you give MASH a whirl again, let me know what your future holds!

  2. says

    I feel more deprived than usual. I never played MASH. I did play hot potato and wear tutus and live in New York though.
    This is a fun fun fun post. I’m packing my Dr. Denton’s and I’m on my way. Get those bakers ready. Yum.

    • Cadry says

      Hot potato doesn’t have quite the same outcome as MASH, but it still has its merits! Plus, living in NY is better anyway!

  3. says

    Blair Underwood! Lucky Lady! Can you imagine if life was determined by a game of MASH? I would be living in a house in Paris with Elijah Wood (boy, did my 13 year-old self have the hots for him!) and our three children, while working as an architect and driving a hearse (I guess I can’t really have it all). 😉

    These potatoes look so good! Especially that cashew cream on top! These, with those waffles and MASH and Clueless? This is shaping up to be a pretty great party!

    • Cadry says

      Oh, dear! Was I supposed to pick who I had a crush on at 13? If so, I’d have to go with Michael J. Fox as Alex P. Keaton. I thought he was so funny, smart, and cute! With Elijah’s success, I wouldn’t think you’d have to work Saturdays as a hearse driver. Like life, MASH can be so unfair… 😉

  4. cookeasyvegan says

    Oooooo. I could put cashew cream on top of grilled potato slices. There still might be some grill-days left before it starts raining. I can imagine putting it on top of pizza, too.

    Cadry, since your plans didn’t work out as you expected, instead of packing away the tutus, just sign up for ballet classes!

    • Cadry says

      You’re a grilling machine! Definitely use your newfound obsession and tell me how the grilled potatoes turn out. I can only imagine that wonderful grilled flavor making them even better. (Now you’ve got me thinking I should try that tonight too…)

  5. says

    Ha, I definitely played my fair shard of MASH. And those potato slices look way better than anything I ever had at a pajama party; I must have been going to the wrong parties.

    • Cadry says

      Admittedly, the pajama parties I attended had significantly more Gino’s pizza rolls cooked in the toaster oven with a side of Dorito’s. 😀

  6. says

    I was just saying to Ryan last night that my complete set of Sex and the City DVDs was the best money he ever spent on me. I LOVE that show. It’s not animal-friendly by any means — those fur coats make me cringe — but I manage to overlook that and fall in love with the characters over and over …

    • says

      Carrie’s coat that she wears ALL THE TIME in Season 1 (and then again later) just horrifies me every time. :( But I too love the show, and forgive it its huge failings in the fur department.

      • Cadry says

        Agreed. Even though there are things about SATC that make it entertaining, the fur is disturbing and sad. (Also, that episode about the raw vegan restaurant is annoying.)

  7. says

    The potato slices look so delicious and the toppings sound perfect for them. Love your MASH story too, I’m not familiar with the game but it sounds like fun.

    • Cadry says

      I guess MASH didn’t make it over to the Southern Hemisphere. Do you know any 12 year old girls? You could start a trend! 😉

  8. says

    I’ve wasted many recesses playing mash, but no matter what I somehow always rig it so that I’d be living in a mansion with Jonathon Taylor Thomas, or JTT as I used to swoon. My taste in men has definitely changed but I will always love loaded potatoes, I must try these with the smoky soy curls!

    • Cadry says

      That’s funny that you rigged a fortune telling game! So how are things with Jonathan and the mansion? 😉 If you try them with the Smoky Soy Curls, let me know what you think!

  9. says

    Mmm! I think the husband is gonna love these. He’s a potato fiend, and I have never actually made anything like this. I’m totally planning a pajama party – he’ll be down for eating these, playing MASH and watching SATC. :) (that’s why I love him!)

    Oh, and your husband’s new life as a Gentleman of Leisure actually made me laugh aloud. :)

    • Cadry says

      Yay! That’s a good husband who will play MASH with you in between episodes of SATC. My husband is that way too. He watched the entire series with me from start to finish. (We watched it all on DVD. I came to the show late in the game.) I hope your husband likes the loaded potatoes! 😀

  10. says

    Alright, I’m heading over in my PJs right now :-) I should not look at your blog when I am hungry. This just looks and sounds like the kind of thing I love to eat…fake bacon and cashew cream!

    And I totally remember playing MASH. Mansion, Rider Strong (Boy Meets World) and 2 kids…oh yeah, the good ol’ days.

    • Cadry says

      Okay, I’ll be waiting for you with potatoes in hand! I’m loving hearing about everyone’s 13-year-old crushes. Too funny!

  11. says

    Fun, fun. Those slices look way classier than other restaurant style loaded potatoes. Although I do always think it’s hilarious that bacon bits are usually vegan!

    • Cadry says

      I know! Isn’t that funny? Of course, these are a lot more natural than the uber-processed ones next to the boxed croutons. :)

  12. says

    Those potato skins look soooo scrumptious! I definitely need to make some soon. I have been hearing about those bacon bits and can’t wait to try them out when they make their way up to Canada.

    Love the MASH bit too! Too funny, we always played that back when I was young and having sleepovers! Always led to a major case of the giggles!

    • Cadry says

      I hope the bacony bits make it to Canada for you soon. I’ve really been enjoying them and their smoky, salty crunch, especially on salads.

      I’m glad you remember MASH from your childhood too! There are actually online versions of it now if you ever have a sudden urge to “know” the future but don’t have a paper or pencil handy! :)

  13. says

    I grew up a couple of continents away.. so i will be making these delicious loaded tatos( yummmmmmmmmmmm) for my girls movie night where we watch sappy hindi musicals. 😀

    • Cadry says

      How fun! Which sappy Hindi musicals would you recommend? I haven’t seen many; although, I enjoyed Om Shanti Om and love the soundtrack.

  14. says

    Woah, you just took me waaay back. MASH!? That game never got old! We would play MASH and True Love for hours on end using different combinations. Potato skins were a favorite of mine growing up, so these potato slices with the cashew cream are right up my alley.

    • Cadry says

      What is True Love? I’m not familiar with that one! If you liked potato skins growing up, I think you will love these!

      • says

        You write TRUE in a column and LOVE in a column. Then you write the number of Ts, Rs, Us and Es your both your name and his name and add it up at the bottom. Then you do the same thing for LOVE. The resulting number is a percentage that represents the chances of it actually being true love. Total silliness, but 10 year old girls love it :)

        By the way, inspired by this post, I played MASH with my husband last night. I was not picked…in fact, I didn’t even make it onto his list! Wish I would have known before now that it wasn’t meant to be. ::sniff sniff:: 😉

        • Cadry says

          You didn’t even make it onto his list? That’s harsh! :) How sad that after 7 years together you’d have to find out like this that it’s not going to work out…. 😉

    • Cadry says

      Thanks, Amber! Especially if you have a high speed blender, they’re so quick and easy they’ve become an anytime favorite. Why wait for a party?

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