Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Chocolate Banana Ice CreamPeople, I know they’re calling this “the winter that wasn’t.”  However, that doesn’t make me feel any less thankful that the sun has turned up its dial, the daffodils are popping up, and I am back on the bike path churning my pedals and donning a tank top.  The birds are chirping excitedly, and my pale skin is drinking up every last drop of the sun’s rays.  The cats are basking in the light, enjoying the three-season porch, and looking like furry ballerinas as they stretch and preen while they clean themselves in the warmth.  If there’s one blessing to cold days and few hours of sunlight, it’s that magical time when the world takes the proverbial shades off of the windows and it’s light until 6, then 7, then 8, then 9…

The time is now to take the cover off of the grill, say goodbye to soups and stews and hello to asparagus, artichokes and ice cream.  But not all at the same time.  Why don’t we start with ice cream?

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Chocolate Banana Ice CreamFrozen bananas are the David Copperfield of the produce world.  They are master illusionists.  Just don’t ask them to make the Statue of Liberty disappear.   (How do you make the Statue of Liberty disappear?  With a tall ladder and a boatload of Lyme-a-way.)  Of course, bananas are no strangers to cold desserts.  They play the leading role in a banana split, but why stop there?

Peeled and frozen in chunks until they’re hard, with a turn in the blender or food processor bananas become creamy ice cream in their own right.  I remember commercials in the eighties that involved kids reading confusing chemical-laden ingredient lists from conventional ice creams.  They boasted that their signature ice cream only involved a handful of ingredients, but how about three?  (If you want to go a step further, some people make banana ice cream in a food processor with frozen bananas and nothing else.)  I used my newest favorite homemade milk, cashew milk, to take this dish to melty perfection, but vanilla soy milk is also a tasty choice.

Chocolate Banana Ice CreamAfter the freezing is done, this quick dessert comes together in less than a minute.  The only addition this cool and creamy ice cream needs is perhaps a melted drizzle of semi-sweet chocolate chips or a Maraschino cherry or two.  (Most maraschino cherries are made with high fructose corn syrup and red dyes, and so I opt for the cherries from Tillen Farms.)

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Serving Size: Serves 2


  • ½ cup + 2 Tbsp non-dairy milk
  • 2 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • 3 bananas, peeled and frozen in chunks


  1. Blend non-dairy milk, cocoa powder, and bananas in a blender until smooth but still thick.

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream


  1. Woot! I can finally have vegan soft serve! I can’t tell you how excited I am to try this very simple recipe.

  2. My husband and I are not into sweets, but I’ve gotten him into frozen bananas, peanut butter and maple agave “ice cream.” Honestly better than real ice cream! I’ll have to give this version a try, too.

  3. I”m very impressed because you managed to take a gorgeous photo of the banana “ice cream” that I’ve been trying to make look tasty and failing! I make it for my daughter all the time but can’t seem to get a good shot of it. I love the one with the cherry on the spoon. Brilliant!

    • Thanks, Dawn! How sweet of you to say. Have you tried using an ice cream scoop? I generally use a big spoon to get it out of the blender, but a scoop seemed to make all the difference for presentation. Good luck!

  4. Banana is the David Copperfield of the fruit world bahahaha! I have yet to make the banana soft serve. I want to. Hey you have vitamix…you lucky girl you! Yes, the pics of the banana illusionist are quite impressive! How did you get summer? It’s raining cats and dogs in the Bay Area.

    • Yes, after years of pining, waiting, hoping, and dreaming, I finally bought a Vitamix! Or as I call it – the baby. I’m completely in love. I don’t know how I lucked out on getting summer already! It’s not many times of the year, especially when it’s still technically winter, that I can look at the weather and see that it’s warmer here than in Los Angeles. I seriously need to send a thank you note to Al Roker or whoever’s in charge of temperatures and such. Still, you can console yourself with the fact that you have access to restaurants like Gracias Madre and Millennium. I’d take a little rain for that!

      • “the baby”! I would coo and take mine for a walk too. I’ll have to ask my husband if he’s ready.
        Yes ,that is true. Thank the Madre that they did not close down along with many of their other restaurants.

  5. That last picture is so perfect! if it werent for my hubbs being allergic to banana, i would be making loads of banana soft serves.. right now i am happy with my smaller individual portions. esp this chocolate banana version.

  6. Man, it is so crazy how bananas can make ice cream! And yours looks perfect. Must be that envy-inducing Vitamix you have. I know it’s St Paddy’s Day, but I really *am* turning green…

  7. What great timing, I was just thinking about making a banana based soft serve. I didn’t even think to make it chocolate or top it with a cherry. I can’t wait to give it a try! :-)

    • Excellent! I hope you enjoy it! I just made a vanilla version today, subbing 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract in place of cocoa powder. It was tasty, but the chocolate still reigns supreme.

  8. I was looking for a recipe for those chocolate chip cookies you mentioned, and found this. I don’t know how I missed it a couple weeks ago, but this looks amazing! Soft-serve ice cream or frozen yogurt is one of my faves. Can’t wait to try this!!! Thank you!

  9. Ann Schwalbach says:

    I use carob powder versus the cocoa powder to make it the healthiest without the caffeine that is in chocolate. Non-addictive this way.


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